April 3, 2013

Jocelynn Drake E-Book Sale!

Just a quick heads up about an awesome e-book sale that is going on right now!  Jocelynn Drake is an author that has been in my To Be Read pile for quite a while, and now I have the opportunity to stockpile her books for only $.99 each!  These are on sale in anticipation of her newest book Dead Man's Deal, which will be on available May 7, 2013.  Head on over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to snatch these up before they go back to regular price!!

Barnes & Noble

Asylum Series:

  *  The Asylum Interviews: Bronx 
  *  The Asylum Interviews: Trixie
  *  Angel's Ink (not on sale for $.99)
  *  Dead Man's Deal (available May 7, 2013)

Dark Days Series:

  *  Bound To Me (Prequel novella to series)
  *  Nightwalker
  *  Dayhunter
  *  Dawnbreaker
  *  Pray For Dawn
  *  Wait For Dusk
  *  Burn The Night
  *  The Dead, The Damned, And The Forgotten (Dark Days novella)

*  Blood By Moonlight - A Halloween themed anthology featuring Jocelynn Drake's novella Of Monsters and Men

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