April 26, 2013

"Loving a Prince Charming" by Danielle Monsch

Loving a Prince CharmingLoving a Prince Charming by Danielle Monsch

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gah! Danielle Monsch, are you ever going to write a story that I don't just absolutely love?? (I hope not!! Lol)

This is the third novella in Danielle Monsch's Fairy Tales & Ever After series, and in my opinion, it is the best one so far. I absolutely loved everything about it - not one thing to complain about - which if you read my reviews, you know is rare!

"Loving a Prince Charming" is Danielle's twisted retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. Prince Charming (Seth) has been betrothed to Rosamund (aka Sleeping Beauty) since they were children. They both know the curse is coming and that the only way to break it will be true love's kiss. The only problem is, Seth has it bad for his personal bodyguard, Kira. However, in true Prince Charming fashion, Seth is determined to keep his vow to Rosamund, so he fights his growing feelings for Kira vehemently.
And if he told her that, if he gave voice to the deepest murmurs of his heart, then the action of making it real, giving it substance would make it happen. His heart would be hers. He would be helplessly in love with her and only her. And Rosamund would be damned.
And Kira knows that even though she loves him with all of her heart, she can't put him in a compromising position. His integrity, honesty and loyalty are the qualities about him that make her love him so much. If she makes him abandon those traits, she knows he will no longer be the man she loves.
"In the morning, you are going to go to Rosamund and fulfill your promise. And me? I'm going to go far, far away. I have to, because I can't stay here and be close to you while you live and love someone else - I'll either become a bitter old woman who hates everything, or I'll try to make you something I despise, and that is a man who will not honor his word. And I don't want either of those things to happen. So I need to go, and you need to let me."
But things aren't always as they seem, are they? Especially not in a Danielle Monsch fairy tale! This story has several twists, all in just the right spot at just the right time. I couldn't put this down until I had swiped the last page on my e-reader.

Bravo, Danielle! I loved it, and give it a very big, sparkly, set of 5 stars.

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