April 27, 2013

"Princess Miri: An Erotic Coming of Age Monster Romance" by Cerys du Lys

Princess Miri: An Erotic Coming of Age Monster RomancePrincess Miri: An Erotic Coming of Age Monster Romance by Cerys du Lys

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was.....well, it was super naughty and kinky. Mostly WAY too naughty and kinky, at least for me. Don't get me wrong - I am not a prude in any way, shape, or form, and I do enjoy really hot and graphic sex scenes, but this was quite a bit out of my comfort zone. When I read the title and the descriptor "An Erotic Coming of Age Monster Romance," I imagined that it would be a twisted version of Beauty and the Beast. Yeah, the guy she's getting it on with is a Troll, but I figured he would still be portrayed as human - just maybe oversized and ugly. Yeah, not really. Thump (the troll) is described more as an animal than a human. Towards the end of the story Miri teaches him to speak, somewhat, but even then he gives off the vibe that he is still only an above average beast, or a severely mentally handicapped human. His physical "attributes" *ahem* run a little too closely along the lines of a farm animal, and then in the last chapter, Miri's enemy Fleur actually crosses that line into semi-bestiality when she is seduced by a centaur. Ermmmm, once again, not really my thing.
I can see where the author was trying to go with this - I think. It seemed as though it was supposed to be a story about an evil princess who looks past the physical appearance of a gruesome "monster", and sees the good underneath. She then falls in love with this "monster" and in the process discovers the good in herself and civilizes the beast. However, the story never quite achieved this goal for me because I kept getting sidetracked by the grossness of the sex scenes. I mean for eff's sake, she kept describing the yellowness of Thump's teeth, and the way he would drool all over Miri during sex. Yuck! Not exactly a hot mental image.
On the plus side (and the only reason I gave this book 2 stars instead of 1) it is very well written. A lot of times with Erotica, the story, grammar, punctuation, dialogue, is non-existent or so horrendously written that I can't even make myself read it. Cerys du Lys writes beautifully and tries to weave a story in between the sex scenes. Unfortunately, these said sex scenes just didn't do it for me.

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