April 25, 2013

Spotlight: "Princess Miri: An Erotic Coming of Age Monster Romance" by Cerys du Lys

"Princess Miri:  An Erotic Coming of Age Monster Romance"
by Cerys du Lys
Erotica/Erotic Romance (Medieval Fantasy-ish)
Date Published: 3/10/13
Princess Miri is a bitch and the heir to the throne and she might have accidentally fallen in love with a monster.  It's common knowledge that everyone hates Miri, which is why it surprises her when her rival gives her a pet troll servant for her eighteenth birthday. Thump, as Miri names the husky monster, will do everything she asks. Or that's what she thinks.  When her demands lead to experimentation and sexual teasing, Miri realizes this isn't quite the case. One disobeyed order ends with a bang, literally, and her and Thump in an unclothed, carnal mess atop her now broken bed. 
A troll coupling with a human? Disgusting! 
She should be furious! Irate! And maybe she is, but she's curious, too... 
She never thought she could open up to anyone before, always believed she needed to act harsh and stern in order to ascend to the throne. Unfortunately for Miri, while she discreetly explores her taboo sexuality with Thump, someone's plotting to exploit her shameful secret and ruin the Princess's reputation... 
Alluring, erotic, and playful. This provocative story of a Princess and her troll will delight you, entice you, and keep you excited long after you're done. 
***This book is intended for mature audiences.

This is a guest post written by Cerys du Lys, the author of "Princess Miri: An Erotic Coming of Age Monster Romance"  She is an erotic romance and erotica author, who is currently writing "The Billionaire's Paradigm" series.

I've talked to a lot of people about this, and some people don't entirely understand it.  I understand why they don't understand, because it's a little strange, but I'd like to take a moment to discuss why monster romance is totally a thing.  You'd be surprised at the many misconceptions I've heard in regards to this amazing sub-genre of romance.  (This is, perhaps, more silly and tongue-in-cheek than anything else, but I stand by my reasoning!)

5 Reasons Why Monster Romance is Totally a Thing:

Monster romance has existed for centuries.  I'm completely serious.  Lots of people don't even realize it.  First, we've got Beauty and the Beast dating back to 1740.  If you've seen the Disney version, the Beast is more of a werewolf-looking fellow, but there's an illustration done by Anne Anderson that paints him as quite a bit more grotesque and not too werewolfy.  And, going closer to current times, there's Shrek.  The most recent Shrek movie is from 2010, so that's at least 270 years of woman becoming romantically involved with monster men.  That's a lot of years.

Ew!  Kissing!  (Or, more than kissing, ooh la la?)  But, hey, monsters can be sexy, too!  Haven't you ever dreamt that your boyfriend who won't shave his extra long beard(for whatever reason) might actually be Bigfoot in disguise?  And isn't that really hot?  No and... no... ugh.  Work with me here!

In all seriousness, though, monsters open up the opportunity for things that just don't(and can't) exist in real life, which can be really sexy.  Some women like taller men, so what about a ten foot tall monster of a man?  Who can pick you up and dominate you in bed (by kissing you.  We're trying to be classy here).  Or is he super intelligent?  Not super intelligent?  Loving and caring and goofy and not worried about what people think of him, because, hello, he's a monster?  Men are great.  I have nothing against them at all, but sometimes they're confusing and a good monster would serve as a more admirable partner. 

You might think this is a stretch, but have you seen the 2005 King Kong movie?  King Kong was pretty monstrous and he was also awesome.  He just wanted to relax in his jungle and be a big gorilla and do big gorilla things.  All Ann had to do was spend time with him for a little while to realize how awesome he was.  He was a little misunderstood, but other than that he was a really sweet monster monkey man.

How does this even work, you ask?  Monsters aren't made to... do these things... Well, maybe.  I don't know?  I don't see why not, though.  I think monsters need friends, too.  If they didn't, they'd be perfectly happy on their own, right?  Except, in most movies and books, you always hear about how sad they are.  Why are they sad?  Because they have no friends.  And what's better than a friend?  A best friend.  And best friends make the best lovers, right?  You see where I'm going with this?

If monsters need friends, then monsters need love and partners and more than friends, too.  So it only makes sense to me that they can(and should!) get romantically involved with someone who's willing to be friends with them.  Whether that be another monster(except I don't think that ever works out) or a human, it's something that needs to happen.  Love, they say, is like oxygen, and it's all we need.  As long as monsters breathe the same air we do, they need love just as much.

But monsters are evil!
I think you'll find that a lot of monsters aren't all that evil.  They're more misunderstood than anything.  I mean, this is a common thing even outside of monsters.  Fifty Shades of Grey?  Christian is kind of "evil" at first and he doesn't seem like such a great person.  He's not bad, though.  He's pretty nice, actually.  I loved those books.

Now, some monsters might be evil but some humans are evil, too.  Mostly, as a monster, I think they're prone to being confused as evil more than anything else, though.  Monsters are just misunderstood and so what if they do things differently?  I live in the northeast of the United States and almost no one here has ever heard of grits or chicken and waffles, but I don't think Southerners who enjoy these foods are evil.  And, actually, I think grits are amazing and they should sell them everywhere(but they don't sell any good ones up here, sadly.  Argh!).
So, if people who eat chicken and waffles can be fine, wonderful people, I think monsters can be, too.

It sounds weird, but monsters and romance are one of those strange combinations that goes together so great that you'd never think of it at first.  You're going to say that this is a cop-out answer for number five, but I disagree.  I have seen many things in my life, and most can't compare to how good monsters and romance fit together.

This isn't a peanut butter and chocolate kind of thing, but more like peanut butter and bananas.  There's really no good reason why peanut butter and bananas are good together, but once you make a sandwich(maybe with some Fluff), you'll recognize how wonderful they are.

It's an unquantifiable relationship, really.  You can't understand how monster romance can be a thing until you read a story where monster romance is a thing.  You need to try it and experience it and enjoy it and bask in the wondrousness of it all.  It is a special experience.

I think this is where I pitch my newest novel to you, but I'm not going to do that.  If you haven't read a monster romance book yet, there's lots to choose from.  Even Twilight is kind of one, but different.  There's all sorts and I think you should try one out and see how you like it.  If you haven't read one before, I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised!
Author Bio:
Cerys has charted on numerous best sellers and hot new release lists internationally with multiple books.  She lives in the Greater Boston area in a small town in New Hampshire. She spends her days writing, reading, learning, and working. And maybe sometimes she flirts with the mailman. Some of her most favorite activities involve understanding and learning about emotions and relationships.
She adores pondering sexuality and sensualness. Most of her writing delves into this in some way, exploring reactions and relationships between different people. While she enjoys writing erotica and erotic romance, her goal is to also keep a certain literary appeal to the writing instead of something purely pornographic. Every story she writes has a delightful plot along with the more devious and delicious scenes we all want to read.
She prefers romance settings, with the occasional monster or fairytale. Her secret kinks include reluctance, interesting paranormal creatures, romance(even with monsters), and fun. She loves writing about all of these things, though very strongly acknowledges that fantasies are fiction and nothing more.
Contact Info: cerysdulys@gmail.com | http://cerysdulys.com/ | http://goodreads.com/CerysduLys

Buy Links:
Amazon (US) Trade Paperback - http://www.amazon.com/dp/148272457X/
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