May 9, 2013

Introducing the fabulous Danielle Monsch!

You guys, I am SO excited today to have Danielle Monsch featured on my blog!  I have read all of her books except for one (and I just ordered it on B&N, and plan to read it immediately), and I loved them!  Danielle has been super friendly and helpful to me as a new baby blogger, and I am deeply appreciative.  She claims she is too "new" of an author to #fangirl, but I disagree, lol!  Anyway, enough about me - on to the interesting stuff!

What made you want to re-write well known Fairy Tales?  -  Who doesn't want to redo fairy tales? No, that's an honest question - is there anyone who doesn't love putting their own spin on fairy tales, because I have since I was a kid. There are just so many ways to reinvent them there is no possibility of getting bored.

For Fairy Tales & Ever Afters, I didn't mean for it to become a series. I just had an idea about the first and only fairy godfather - his story is Loving a Fairy Godmother - and I thought it was kind of cool and I wrote it. But after that one was written I realized I didn't want to give up the fairy godmother world or characters I had created just yet - I think they're funny and really enjoy writing them. So I got a few more ideas and went for it. I've redone Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty so far, and my next three books will take on Snow White (both Snow White and the Evil Queen will get their own story) and Little Red Riding Hood. That's all I have planned for the series, so unless some crazy idea from left field hits me, the series will end with six stories. 

Did you always know that you wanted to be a writer? - Yes and no. I always have created stories in my head, but what brought about actually writing them down and sharing them was a complete accident. There was an English assignment in eighth grade where we had to write a story and I wrote one down and handed it in without another thought - it was just homework, nothing monumental. A few days later the teacher called me up and asked if I had copied the story or if someone else wrote it. When she realized it was me, she told me it was a great story and I had real talent in that area and it would be a shame if I didn't pursue it in some way. That experience was the first time writing came into the equation, and I started writing down the stories in my head instead of just thinking of them. It has snowballed from there.  :)

What is your writing process? (Do you just sit and write whatever comes into your mind, or do you have a very detailed and outlined formula that you follow?) - I'm of the sit and write whatever comes into my head type. That has its good and bad points, the worst is when you write yourself into a corner and go, "What have I done?" Thankfully I have a couple fantastic friends who are also fantastic writers, and we can usually brainstorm a project together and figure out a way to make it work.

How do you go about selecting which Fairy Tales you are going to re-tell? - I call this my "twisted" fairy tale series, so I wanted to write stories that I could figure out a way to change them from the usual expectations of that story. Beauty and the Beast has only been retold about a billion different ways, so what could I do to make it different? Well, I thought of an idea, so I ran with it. Same with the others. I want to make sure there is one aspect of the story where the reader can go, "Hey, that's different."

If you had to pick a cast for your books, who would play Fairy Godmother Sara? - I make no secret Sara was inspired by the original FG, the fairy godmother from Disney's Cinderella. If you haven't seen that cartoon in awhile, rewatch it and pay attention to the transformation scene. There is a surprising amount of characterization for a two-minute appearance, and from that scene the underpinnings of Sara - and to some extent, the entire FG world - got it's start.

Do you believe in HEAs? I do. I place it in the same category I place luck - it certainly exists, but if you lift the shiny top layer, you find underneath grungy, well-worn work clothes.  

What are you working on now? - Well, I have the last three books in the Fairy Tales & Ever Afters series, which will be releasing through the end of the year. This July I am releasing my first full-length novel Stone Guardian, Book One of the Entwined Realms series. Stone Guardian is a modern-day sword & sorcery fantasy paranormal romance (and I'll give a cookie to anyone who can figure out what that means! HA!)

The setting of Stone Guardian is our everyday world - if our everyday world included magic and swords and fantasy creatures. Wizards dueling in coffee houses, gryphons flying past skyscrapers, warrior women wearing swords riding on motorcycles, and the ever popular Elven drag show - though who can tell the male elves from the females, right?  :)  Our heroine is a human history teacher who lives as far away from all the fantastical happenings as she can until one day she is attacked by zombies and brought into it against her will. Our hero is a Gargoyle who rescues her from the zombies. Together, they work together to figure out why she has been targeted by Necromancers, who are the ultimate big bad of this world.

It's a little different and I'm nervous on how well it will go over with readers, but it's exciting as well.

Thanks for having me on your blog!

Author Bio:
Born to the pothole ridden streets of Pittsburgh, PA, Danielle started writing in a time long ago, a time when there were not enough vampire stories to read and she had to write her own to fill the void. Yes, such a time of darkness did indeed exist.

Danielle writes stories full of fantastical goodness and plenty of action, but always with lots of romance (and a bit of woo-hoo!) mixed in. Vampires and Werewolves and Demons and Angels, Sword & Sorcery, Fairy Tales, Updated Mythologies and the like - if it's out of the ordinary, it's fair game for her stories.

When not writing, Danielle reads comic books and watches cartoons (though she says she reads manga and watches anime, because saying it in a different language makes all the difference.) She listens to music, plays D&D, follows XKCD, watches movies with the Rifftrax on, and is mom to two amazing little girls and wife to her favorite guy in the world.

She is also the host of Romantic Geek Girl, a Podcast & Blog dedicated to those two great tastes that taste great together - Geekness and Romance.

You can find Dani at:

You can check out my reviews of Danielle's books here:

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Loving an Ugly Beast
Loving a Prince Charming

Danielle will be selecting one lucky commenter from this blog post to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card and a free book.  Make sure you leave a comment below to be eligible for this giveaway!!

Honor and Integrity were more than words to Seth - they were the values he lived his life by. As Prince of a large kingdom, putting duty before desire was vital for the prosperity and wellness of his people. If sometimes he looked at Kira – best friend since childhood and his personal guard – and regretted his betrothal to the Princess of a neighboring kingdom, well, that was the price he had to pay for his people’s happiness.
Even if that Princess was cursed and given the nickname Sleeping Beauty.
Seth discovers the way to end the curse and, against his father’s wishes, sets off on a perilous journey to free her with Kira by his side. But Kira represents a different type of danger… Only love can break the curse, but how can Seth keep his promise to protect Sleeping Beauty when every moment with Kira makes his heart damn duty and demand its desire?      BandN  *  Amazon  *  Goodreads

Available July, 2013!   Gryphons flying past Skyscrapers? Wizards battling it out in coffeehouses? Women riding motorcycles with large swords strapped to their backs? All normal sights since the Great Collision happened twenty-six years ago.

Well, not normal for everyone. Larissa Miller may have been born after the Great Collision, but as a history teacher who lives in the human-only city, she has never come into contact with any other race or species. That is, until one day she walks out of her apartment only to be attacked by a mob of Zombies, but then is saved by a Gargoyle.

Leader of the Gargoyles, Terak has been watching over the human woman for months because of a cryptic prophecy. Gargoyles trust no one outside their Clan, but something about this woman stirs every protective instinct within him. When he realizes the danger to her is real, he refuses to allow her to explore this new world without him at her side.

In the course of their investigation Terak becomes entranced by his little human. But when he discovers why Necromancers want her and the great reward that awaits him if he betrays her, he must choose between the welfare of his Clan and not only Larissa’s life, but the fate of this new Realm as well.       Goodreads


  1. Wow love the cover of your book..Tanks for sharing it with all of us!!

  2. @teena3940 - thank you so much! Not to sound TOO smug, but I think I got some of the best covers out there! :)

    Thanks Jessica for featuring me on the blog! It was a lot of fun answering some questions, made me feel like a big shot! (And yes, I am too new to fangirl over, though I am deeply appreciative that you like the stories).

    Good luck to all the commentators!

  3. I love these covers and these books and I can't wait for Danielle Monsch to write more!

    1. I think Danielle has some of the most beautiful covers out there! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. @Diana Turmenne - Thank you so much! Loving a Perfect Princess (Snow White's story) will be out on June 25, and Loving a Bad Wolf (Red Riding Hood) will be released sometime in September!

  5. Danielle,
    I love the idea of twisted fairy tales. We all know the way the stories happen so this is wonderful to see a unique twist!

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. It looks good! Cant waight to read it!

  7. I like the idea of fantastical creatures in everyday life--fun interview!


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  9. As someone else who reads comic books and plays D&D, your books are just what I love to read! I'm putting them all on my to be read list. Thank you, Jessica for finding a new author for me!

  10. @Melissa

    Couldn't agree with you more. The familiar is great, and there is a reason they've stayed so popular for so long, but it's nice to get the "That's different!" moment too.

    @Dalene - Thank you!

    @Vitjex - Thanks so much, it's something I've always half-hoped could happen some day, but since it won't, at least I can write about it! :)

    @Jane - Love connecting with a fellow Romantic Geek! Thanks for the compliments and hope you enjoy!

  11. I love that cover of Loving a Prince Charming, but STONE GUARDIAN just pulls me in!

    Will I love that one more than your Fairy Tales? Hard to say, since I love THEM so much!

    It's probably OKAY to love them both!

  12. @Kathie - I ENCOURAGE you to love them both! :)

    1. Good to know I have permission to love them ALL!

      So far, I do!

  13. How awesome, Danielle! You definitely do have good cover karma, and great story ideas! Stone Guardian's the first in the series--any thoughts on how many titles you plan? :) I do love a good series!

  14. @Fedora - Entwined Realms is going to last for quite awhile. In my mind right now there are 9 titles, and as you know, the more a writer delves into their creations, the bigger the creation gets!

    I'm getting books two and three plotted, and the hope is the second book in the series will be out around Christmas.

    1. Ooh... that sounds pretty awesome, Danielle! Woohoo!!!

  15. Hi Danielle,

    I totally agree with you. Who doesn't like a fairy tale?
    Your upcoming release sounds full of action and interesting characters. I look forward to it.

  16. @Shelley - Thanks so much, hope it doesn't disappoint! :)

  17. Wow, bold covers that invite the reader in along with storylines that wraps around you just from the blurb? All in one package??? Wowza! Sounds like a winner to me....can't wait to read them both!

  18. @Susan - I think I blush! Thanks so much for coming over and commenting :)

  19. Congratulations to Melissa Keir! You are the winner of the $10 Amazon Gift Card and a copy of one of Danielle's books. Many, many thanks to everyone else who stopped by yesterday!

  20. Thank you everyone for stopping by! If you have any interest in future stories, I recommend signing up for my newsletter - you get new book info first + any giveaway I run my newsletter subscribers are always automatically entered! :)

    Take care and happy reading!


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