May 16, 2013

Spotlight on: Feel the Burn by Nicole MacDonald

Title: The BirthRight Trilogy
Author: Nicole MacDonald
Genre: Fantasy

This is the final book in the Birthright Trilogy by Nicole MacDonald.  I had the extreme pleasure to review and host books one and two the last two days, and I hope you'll take the time to read my reviews on them if you haven't already.  Here are the links to Book One and Book Two here.
The battle to save Gar'nyse is upon them and already the costs are insurmountable.
With no other option but to knowingly sail into a trap, the girls, the Griffon Guard, and the gathered forces set forth to reach the castle and destroy Jenviet. However the loss of Alek means the task sits fully on the four girls' shoulders and with only one of them at their full Elemental abilities, the risk of death, or worse—failure—is high. Now with nothing to lose, Catherine refuses to link with the other girls, hoping that she alone will be able to take Jenviet. But the malevolent Sorceress of Vo'Arum has other plans...

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I slowed, stopping when I sighted Loi. She stood in the middle of a large cave, larger than the previous one we’d stayed in, and tiny lighted things fluttered around her.
‘Loi, what are those?’ I called in a quiet voice, not wanting to disturb them. Leynorah squealed and she and her mother leaped off my shoulders, flying straight for Loi and the lights. My jaw dropped when the two fae tackled one of the glowing things to the cave floor, gobbling it down and then lifted their heads to utter sharp whistles. Poor Loi looked horrified when answering whistles echoed from further down the corridor and more Halenine fae came whooping through, flashing past my head into the cave.
In a short matter of time the Halenine fae devoured the glowing things, buzzing excitedly around Loi, congratulating her on the find, oblivious to her appalled expression while she stared at the glowing remnants scattered about the floor. Those behind me pushed past into the cave, looking around, and the Cavalry and General guard soldiers started to set the camp up. It felt strange to realize that the whole day had gone, the lack of light messing with my body clock. Loi stared at the glowing remains of the fluttery things and I made my way to her.
‘Errmmm…sorry about that.’
Leynorah sat perched on a rock, fiendishly waving some bits of glowing wings in either front hand, singing a little ditty of ‘Yummy! Yummy, yummy, YUMMY!’
Loi sighed. ‘S’okay. Guess they have to eat.’
I am so, so sad that this trilogy had to end.  Part of me wishes that it could have continued into a longer series, but the rest of me is very satisfied with how everything was resolved.  I absolutely loved this series (especially books two and three), and will miss all of the characters that I've had so many fantastic adventures with.  Bravo, Nicole MacDonald!  You created a fantasy world that I truly enjoyed being a part of.

This book started off at a slower pace than the first two books in the trilogy.  It is finally time to take the war to Jenviet, and the journey from Elion to Jenviet's castle is slow going.  However, it definitely did the job building the anxiety and tension level, and made me anticipate the final battle even more.  Plus, it gave time for a few side stories to develop nicely.  But when the army finally makes it to their destination and the fight to save Gar'nyse, just wow.  MacDonald did such a great job describing the scene.  There were several times I could see it in my head so perfectly, it was like I was watching a movie.  This is definitely one of my favorite battle scenes from any book I have ever read - and I've read a lot of books. 

Feel the Burn had several twists and turns to keep things interesting.  Some I saw coming, and some I didn't.  Let's just say, for the sake of no spoilers, there was a certain conniving bastard that I was really wanting to get his...and he did!  Several of the twists were heart-stoppingly sad, and some made me very happy.

For those of you who have read these books, I just wanted to share with you a picture I found that reminds me so much of Loushka.  She was an immensely special character that I loved reading about.  When I pictured her and the other Griffons, this is what I saw - something fierce and utterly beautiful at the same time.  Thank you Nicole, for introducing me to such great characters!

I've said it before, but I'm gonna say it one more time - READ THESE BOOKS!!  :) 

Author Bio
Nicole MacDonald is a thirty something year old Kiwi who loves to read and moonlights as a novelist. From a young age she fantasized about being the heroine in the books and/or movies she watched and credits the series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ for really inspiring her. Writing only occurred to her a few years ago after reading an abysmal tale with silly useless females where upon she decided to write a tale solely for herself where the girls got to kick butt without the usual sob story—betrayed/abused/abandoned etc. That little tale eventuated into the BirthRight Trilogy.
Nicole’s current daydream is that Joss Whedon (aka the genius of film) will discover the BirthRight Trilogy and demand the film rights to it. Until then, she’s working on several other writing projects and aiming to explore the world with her partner.


  1. *sniff* just woken up here in NZ and this is the best thing ever to read! So thrilled you enjoyed the trilogy. And here's something you may find of interest :)

    1. OMG!! I'm so excited that there is more to come - totally made my day! So glad I was picked to be a part of this blog tour. :)

  2. Wow, every author's dream is to inspire this kind of enthusiasm in their readers. Congratulations!


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