May 20, 2013

Spotlight on: The Genesis by K.L. Kerr

The Genesis by K.L. Kerr

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.**

This book contained every single element to make it an all-time favorite, but fell a little short for me. The vampires were real and bloodthirsty, they are battling against human Agents that are trying to not only kill them, but to capture them and conduct horrifying experiments on them. And there is a newborn vampire who has impressive powers that she is learning to develop and control. The vampire clan that she has been taken into has decided that she is the perfect "vessel" to bring back the very first vampire, Allistair/Aisen. However, the vampires in charge don't realize that Catrina has met Aisen in her dreams and knows a very disturbing truth about him that the other vampires would never believe. They think that Aisen is their savior that is going to rise from the dead and rid the world of the Agents that are hunting their kind. They would never imagine that he could in fact be their worst nightmare.

I was pulled immediately into this story. Catrina is a very strong, self-reliant heroine that definitely defies the whole "damsel in distress" stereotype. She can kick butt and take names all on her own. She agrees to join with the vampires (and by doing this is turned into one herself), and taken under the wing of Fox. Now here's where I became a little disappointed in the story line. I wanted a romance between Fox and Catrina. I'm not holding this against the book, because I realize that this really doesn't affect the story that's written, and could be in the total opposite direction from the one the author wants to take. However, it is what I wanted to read about. I thought that they would have made the perfect angsty couple that has to learn to get along and find a way to be together while Fox is training Catrina. I also felt like the story really began to drag along here. I needed more back story to truly understand what was going on, as did Catrina, and I felt like getting the little bit of information that was divulged was like pulling teeth. It's one thing to create suspense, but quite another to beat around the bush for a maddening amount of time.

I also wanted Catrina to be more vocal in her role as the potential "vessel." I get the fact that she was a new vampire who doesn't know all of the rules and is scared to step out of line in the face of the Clan's two oldest vampires, but still. She has unique and powerful traits that neither of these vampires possess, but she is still afraid to speak up and let them know what she knows. This was very frustrating! She rebels at every other opportunity, but when given the chance to actually take a stand and do some good, she all of a sudden walks the straight and narrow.

I did really like this story and this world that the author created. The end was left open to endless possibilities that could take place in book two. I can't wait to pick it up when it's available!

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