June 27, 2013

Spotlight on: Driven by K. Bromberg

The Driven Trilogy Book One
K. Bromberg 
Genre:  Erotic Romance / Contemporary Romance
Number of pages:  417
Word Count: 125,562
Cover Artist:  Tugboat Designs 


Book Description: 
Rylee Thomas is used to being in control. But she’s about to meet the one man that just might make her enjoy losing it… 

I am the exception to the rule. 

In a world full of willing women, I’m a challenge to the roguish and achingly handsome Colton Donavan. A man used to getting exactly what he wants in all aspects of life. He’s the reckless bad boy constantly skating that razor thin edge toward out of control, on and off of the track. 

Colton crashes into my life like a tornado: sapping my control, testing my vulnerabilities beyond their limits, and unintentionally penetrating the protective wall around my healing heart. Tearing apart the world I rebuilt so carefully with structure, predictability, and discipline.

I can’t give him what he wants and he can’t give me what I need. But after a glimpse beneath his refined exterior into the dark secrets of his damaged soul, can I bring myself to walk away?

Our sexual chemistry is undeniable. Our individual need for complete control is irrefutable. But when our worlds collide, is the chemistry enough to bring us together or will our untold secrets and battle of wills force us apart? 

Book Trailer:   http://youtu.be/qf8amy1TdcA  


            “Jealous, sweetheart?” He raises his eyebrows as his grin flashes arrogantly. “We can always finish what we started, and you can mark me any way you’d like.” 
             I gently shove my hand against his chest, pushing him back. I’d love to wipe that smirk off if his face. Leave my mark that way. “Sorry, I don’t waste my time on misogynist jerks like you. Go find someone—”
“Careful, Rylee,” he warns as he grips my wrist, looking every bit as dangerous as his voice threatens. “I don’t take kindly to insults.”

I try to yank my wrist away, but his hold remains. To anyone in the room, it looks as if I’m laying my hand on his heart in affection. They can’t feel the steel strength of his grip.

 “Then hear this,” I snap, tired of this game and the warring emotions and sensations within me. Anger takes hold. “You only want me because I’m the first female who’s said no to your gorgeous face and come-fuck-me body. You’re so used to every female falling at your feet, pun intended, that you see a challenge—someone immune to your charm—and you’re unsure how to react.”

Despite his nonchalant shrug, I can see his underlying irritation as he releases my wrist. “When I like what I see, I go after it,” he states unapologetically.

Shaking my head, I roll my eyes. “No, you need to prove to yourself that you can, in fact, get any girl who crosses your path. Your ego’s bruised. I understand,” I patronize patting his arm. “Well, don’t sweat it, Ace, I forfeit this race.”

He raises an eyebrow, a ghost of a smile on his lips as he finds something humorous in my comment. The muscle in his clenched jaw tics as he regards me momentarily. “Let’s get something straight,” he leans in, inches from my mouth, the gleam in his eyes warning me I’ve gone too far. “If I want you, I can and will have you, at anytime and in anyplace, sweetheart.”

I snort in the most unladylike way, astonished at his audacity, yet trying to ignore the quickening of my pulse at the thought. “Don’t bet on it,” I sneer as I hastily try to skirt past.

His hand whips out and grabs hold of my arm again, spinning me back toward him, so that I’m standing intimately close. I can see his pulse beat in the line beneath his jaw. Can feel the fabric of his jacket hit my arm as his chest rises and falls. I glance down at his hand on my arm and glare back at him in warning, yet his hold still remains. He leans his face in to mine so that I can feel his breath feather across my cheek. I angle my head up to his, not sure if I’m raising my chin in defiance or in anticipation of his kiss.

“Lucky you, I’m a gambling man, Rylee,” his resonating voice is just a whisper of sound. “I do, in fact, like a good challenge now and again,” he provokes, a mischievous smile playing at the corners of his mouth. He releases my arm, but runs his finger lazily down the rest of it. The soft scrape of his finger on my exposed skin sends shivers down my back.

“So let’s make a bet.” He stops and nods at a passing acquaintance, bringing me to the here and now as I’ve forgotten that we’re in a room full of people.

“Didn’t your mother teach you when a lady says no, she really means no, Ace?” I raise my eyebrow, a look of disdain on my face.

That smarmy smirk of his is back in full force as he nods in acknowledgement at my comment. “She also taught me that when I want something, I need to keep after it until I get it.”

Great, so now I’ve acquired a stalker. A handsome, sexy, very annoying stalker.

He reaches out and toys with a loose curl on the side of my neck. I try to remain impassive despite my urge to close my eyes and sink into the whisper of his fingers across my skin. His smirk tells me that he knows exactly what his effect is on me. “So, like I said, Ryles, a bet?

I bristle at his proposition. Or maybe it is at his effect on me. “This is asinine—”

“I bet by the end of the night,” he cuts me off holding a hand up to stop me, “I have a date with you.”

I laugh out loud stepping back from him. “Not a chance in hell, Ace!”

He takes a long swallow of his drink, his expression guarded. “What are you scared of then? That you can’t resist me?” He flashes a wicked grin when I roll my eyes. “Agree then. What do you have to lose?”

“So you get a date with me and your bruised ego is restored,” I shrug indifferently, wanting no part of this contest. “What will I get out if it?”

“If you win—”

“You mean if I can resist your dazzling charm,” I retort, my voice laced with sarcasm.

“Let me rephrase. If you can resist my dazzling charm by the end of the night, then I’ll donate,” he flickers his fingers through the air in a gesture of irrelevance, “let’s say, twenty thousand dollars to your cause.”

I catch my breath and look at him in bewilderment, for this I can agree to. I know that there’s no way in hell that I’ll succumb to Donavan or his captivating wiles, the arrogant bastard. Agreed, I was caught in his tantalizing web for a few moments, but it was just because it’s been so long since I’ve felt like that. Since I’ve been kissed like that. Been touched like that.

I’m That Mom Now…

You know when you’re somewhere and there’s ‘That Mom’…the one that’s a little outside the box?  The one that does something a little different than the other moms at school or doesn’t care if her kids are wearing princess dresses and fairy wings to go shopping at the mall?

Well…I hate (and love) to say that recently, I’ve become ‘That Mom’.  And for what you ask?  Why do people look at me differently?

Let me back up before I answer that question and explain how I was before ‘That Mom’ title was bestowed upon me.  I used to be the mom with three kids who’d drop the oldest off at elementary school every morning on time; all three children were styled and fashionably dressed and no matter if I have exercise clothes on or work clothes, my hair and make-up were always done – no exceptions.  I’d volunteer in class occasionally, help my daughter with her class projects, show up at all the kids’ extra-curricular activities—you know, the usual.

And then May 14th happened.  The day I released Driven.  Now it didn’t happen right away.  It took a few days to trickle through school…a couple odd glances.  A few ‘Hey did you really write a book?’ type questions for I only told two or three people that I was actually writing and publishing a book.  And then inevitably the next question would come.  “What type of book is Driven?”  Now this is where I sit and contemplate whom I’m speaking with.  Is it the straight-laced Mom who is never going to let my child play with theirs if they know I write about sex on kitchen countertops and foreplay using cotton candy?  Or is it the mom I think might be a closet-freak-hording-kinky-stories on her Kindle to get her freak fix?  And what if I’m wrong and the straight-laced mom is the one hording and the one I think is a freak is actually a nun in the bedroom? (It’s always the quiet ones you need to watch out for, I hear J)  Talk about anxiety over making sure my daughter is not being ostracized. The thing is, people are never whom they seem to be—I definitely didn’t seem to be the erotic romance writing Mom—so make sure to never judge a book by it’s cover (pun intended).

For the first few days I was a little embarrassed about offering up the genre I write.  And then another mom at the school (who actually read Driven) made this comment to me: “Everybody has a little freak in them! Who cares what they say.”  And that kind of made me think about things and realize I shouldn’t be embarrassed about the types of stories I write.  I should own up to the fact that I have the courage to put graphic detail to the acts that we all engage in daily.  That with words alone, I can do what others dream and wish of doing; write a book number one, and number two, a book that evokes images and feelings and paints pictures of the intimacies between two people in a classy yet explicit way.

Do I still worry what people think?  Of course I do.  I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t—but more for the sake of my children and less for myself now.  Maybe it’s all just gotten easier as I’ve found a world of accepting readers on the Internet that have taken to the story and characters in Driven and have complimented me on how the sex scenes in the book were written. 

I’m not sure. 

But I’ve learned one important thing in the weeks since Driven has been released. Own what you do…regardless of what it is. Writing a sex scene is not the easiest thing for me to do.  To mix mechanics and emotion and sensuality together without the scene sounding like a how-to manual is difficult for me.  To breathe life into an act that is as old as time is hard…but you know what? 

The next time you see me, ‘That Mom,’ walking in the hallways while other moms raise their eyebrows at me or ask me what genre I write.  You know what my answer is going to be?  I write smut.  Sexy, sensual, engaging, smut,” I’ll say with a laugh, a raise of my eyebrows, and a smirk on my face that’ll say ‘you know you’re curious…’

Thanks for allowing me to be a guest blogger today!  I appreciate it and can’t wait to hear what you all think of Driven.

K. Bromberg
Aka “That Mom”

Driven (The Driven Trilogy, #1)Driven by K. Bromberg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For some reason I came into this book with the preconception that I wasn't really going to like it. I had read some of the reviews before hand, and they were pretty mixed, plus the synopsis sounded like a hundred others that I have read before, give or take a few details. But, man! Was I surprised, and in a good way!

Rylee Thomas is the female MC in this story, and she is the epitome of strong, independent, businesswoman. She has a tragic past, and plenty of demons that haunt her, but that makes it even more admirable when you see the heights she has risen to. Rylee heads a charitable company that houses orphans in a "home-like" setting when they get to an age that they are less adoptable. It is at one of their big charity auctions that she runs into the male MC, Colton Donovan.

I had a little bit of a problem with the first encounter between Colton and Rylee. It seemed a little too much, too fast. For two people who had never set eyes on each other before, I found it a little unbelievable that they were playing tonsil hockey seconds after she literally fell into his arms. Plus, Colton came across as a huge, arrogant douche at the party, and it turned me off to him for a long time. But, needless to say, he did win me back over as the book went on.

Colton is a very successful businessman, a winning race car driver, and the son of a very famous Hollywood couple. Basically, the perfect example of a wealthy, powerful, alpha male who is used to getting everything he wants when he wants it. But there is more to him than meets the eye also. He also has skeletons in his closet, and a lot of pain in his past that he goes a long way to hide. In a way, him and Rylee are perfect for each other.

Colton sets his sights on Rylee and decides he wants her. The fact that she doesn't want him (or so she says, lol) only makes him want her more. You know, the whole want what you can't have thing. However, he quickly finds his in, and the way to her heart by becoming involved with her charity. He uses her charity to be close to her, but he also gets involved for his own personal reasons.

Overall, I really ended up liking this book. It dragged a little bit in a couple of spots, and I wasn't a fan of the beginning of the book, but once it picked up steam, I was right there with it. There is a LOT of story going on, with a lot of twists and turns, but it all worked together to make it a very engaging and interesting read. The ending was a bit cliffhangery, but it was effective, and will definitely have me coming back for book two when it releases in a couple of months.

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About the Author:

K. Bromberg was born and raised in Southern California.  She graduated from University of California at San Diego with two bachelors—economics and political science—but always loved to write.

K. Bromberg remains in Southern California with her husband and their three young children. When not writing or working her day job, she can be found playing ninjas or power rangers with her son, fixing the hair of her oldest daughter’s American girl doll, trying to potty train her youngest daughter, or listening to any or all of them fight/whine at once.  When she needs a break from the daily chaos, you can almost always find her with Kindle in hand, devouring the pages of a good book.

Web/blog:  www.kbromberg.com 
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/authorkbromberg 
Goodreads:  www.goodreads.com/Kbromberg


  1. Hi Jessica-

    Thanks so much for spot-lighting and reviewing Driven on your page. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I look forward to hearing what your followers think once they read Driven too!

    K. Bromberg


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