June 30, 2013

Spotlight on: We Are Made of Stardust by Mimi Strong

We Are Made of Stardust by Mimi Strong
Publication date: June 28th 2013
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance

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Peaches Monroe, age 22, is the sassy, plus-sized manager of a bookstore in the small town of Beaverdale, Washington.

One Saturday afternoon, she's balancing precariously on a chair, in a bridesmaid dress, when a handsome dark-haired man comes running into the bookstore. He knocks Peaches over, she lands in his muscular arms. They lock gazes, and ...

She recognizes him.

As the sexy vampire heartthrob she watches on TV every week.

Peaches and Dalton Deangelo are completely wrong for each other. He's only in town temporarily, working on an indie movie. She should stay away. He should stay away, too.

But they're drawn to each other. Dalton claims it's because they're made from the same stardust.

Dalton's expression got ultra-serious, and just like that, he turned into Drake Cheshire, the cultured vampire with a taste for big-lipped girls under one hundred pounds. He stared intensely at my eyes, my lips, my cleavage, my throat, my lips, and then up to my eyes again. I melted like a pat of butter on summer pavement.
He moved in closer, so our noses were an inch apart, and he repeated the intense look. Eyes. His, green like precious emeralds. Lips. Mine, slightly parted and trembling. Throat. Feeling very exposed. Cleavage. Mine, heaving, probably, guessing by the way I couldn't quite catch my breath.
His gaze slid back dreamily to my lips, and he tilted his head to the side, not yet touching his mouth to mine.
We held steady, the only movements our breathing and minor swaying with the motion of the vehicle. I could feel the heat from his skin against my lips. He tipped his head back and looked me in the eyes again.
Oh, the slow torture.
His hand moved from the outside of my thigh to the inside, to the hot crease where my thighs were touching. I gasped. No nylons. Bare flesh. His hand was only at the hem line of my bridesmaid dress, but the way he was looking at me, it felt much more intimate. He took one of my legs firmly in both hands and pushed it to bring space between my legs, and then his hand traveled up further.
He breathed against my lips and blinked slowly as his hand moved in, up under the peach-hued tulle skirt of my dress. His fingertips grazed the silky material of my underwear.
I arched my back as the sensation of his touch blazed through me. A tiny sigh escaped my parted lips.
He pulled his face back from mine and nodded up, as though beckoning me toward him.
With his fingers now gently pressing against my pulse point through my underwear, I found myself unable to move. I raised my eyebrows, calling him to me with my eyes.
The corner of his beautiful mouth twitched up in a grin. A pulse of adrenaline shot through me. That was the face Drake made before his fangs popped out and he bit a girl! I gasped again.
He moved quickly, and his mouth was on my neck, at my throbbing jugular vein.
I squealed in a mix of terror and delight as he pretended to bite me.
He let out a throaty growl, while at the same time he did something magical with his fingers between my legs. As he licked and kissed my neck, gently biting me, he kept exploring the elasticity of my underwear, until he had the silky material pushed aside and we were skin on skin, his fingertips on my freshly-waxed cushions of flesh.
I relaxed against the leather seat, my head back on the head rest, trying not to die from pleasure. Panties pushed aside, his strong fingertips gently stroked my clit. I moaned and whimpered for him to be less gentle, and he delivered a more vigorous nub massage. Oh, fuck yes. Just like that.
My breathing sped up, my pulse pounding as he brought me to the precipice of coming, and then eased off, pulling his hand back to rest between my thighs.
He nibbled on my earlobe, then murmured, Let's get naked.

We Are Made of Stardust (Peaches Monroe, #1)We Are Made of Stardust by Mimi Strong

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to start this review because there just aren't enough words - or the right words - to describe how much I loved this book. I guess it will just have to be sufficient to say that I abso-freaking-lutely l-o-v-e-d this book! And then I have to turn right around and say that while I love Mimi Strong and the delicious books she writes, right at this moment I think that she is the most heartless, cruel, evil person in the world. (Not really Mimi - I might have gotten carried away in the moment). However, in her defense she did give us a warning about this book. I believe it went something like this: "SEX, SEX, SEX, CLIFFHANGER." Well she wasn't messing around when she said "Cliffhanger." I wanted to throw my Nook at the wall when I got to the last page (but then didn't because I need to read Mimi's "For You" before tomorrow). Anywho, without being spoiler-ish, here's what I thought about the book.

First off, I loved Peaches Monroe. She has the most vivacious and hilarious personality that I think I have ever come across in a character in a book. She practically leaps off of the page, and had me laughing out loud several times. Oh, the things that come out of this girl's mouth! And she has the nerve to claim several times throughout the book that she is not the "fun" girl, and never has been. I beg to differ. Here are just a few of the gems that Peaches had to offer in this book:
I'm the girl you ask to come over and give your cat his daily pills while your on vacation. And, by the way, I don't like the way your cat looks at me. Like even he knows I'm the dull one. One of these days, I'm going to drink a little wine and flash my boobs at your cat - really give him something to think about.
My whole body experienced a naughty, tingling sensation as I drank him in with my eyes, from his hiking boots to his lightweight brown chinos and up. My gaze got stuck briefly around his zipper, pondering exactly what was causing a sizable shadow in that area. A wrinkle in the fabric? A giant python? A tree trunk for one to climb with her bare-naked vagina?
There are so many more that I could share right now, but you really just need to go read the book immediately to truly appreciate the awesomeness of Peaches.

Then there's Dalton. The Hollywood actor that literally knocked Peaches off of her feet and into his arms. They start out just lusting after each other and indulging in hot, hot sex, but Dalton is just so sweet, and seems so perfect that it seems like it could turn into something real. Peaches goes into the whole thing with her eyes wide open, but they quickly become clouded when Dalton keeps saying the most perfect things to her.
"Let's just be two souls tonight. Two souls who are made of stardust, and found their way back to each other, the way they were destined to."
I wanted to really, really believe that what Dalton and Peaches had was real and sincere. I wanted to believe that there was a world where a drop dead gorgeous, movie star heartthrob, could really fall in love with a big, curvy, beautiful, loud-mouth woman. (Gives hope to the rest of us out here!) But there was something that just held me back. That kept whispering, "It's too good to be true." There were certain scenes in the book that made me pause...and wonder. And now thanks to Mimi, I STILL don't know for sure! And probably won't until book two! But I digress...

I loved all of the secondary characters in this book. Peaches roommate and cousin, Shayla, was hilarious in her own way, and was the perfect foil to Peaches. Adrian Storm was yummy, and I kind of hope that if things don't work out with Dalton, that maybe him and Peaches can give it a go. (or at least he can be her stud-pony Lionheart - don't worry if you don't get it, inside joke!) And Peaches mom was one of a kind. It is definitely obvious where Peaches gets her no-filter sense of humor from.

Overall, I loved, loved, loved this book! I hate to say it, but I even kind of loved the end in a sick, twisted way, because now the anticipation for the second book is going to drive me crazy (in a good way). If you haven't read anything by Mimi Strong, you definitely 100% should, and I recommend you start with this book. It is hilarious, smuttily sexy, and just plain all-out amazingness rolled up into an e-book. Go click "Buy"...now!! You won't be sorry!

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Mimi Strong writes chick-lit, erotic romance, sex comedy, and new adult contemporary romance. Most of her characters have a strong sense of humor.

Here's what she has to say:

I've always had a lot of sides. Sometimes I'm vulnerable, and sometimes I go after what I want without a single doubt.

My favorite person is my husband. If I can crack him up and see his eyes crinkle at the corners, my day is made. In fact, I love making everyone around me laugh.

I've always enjoyed empowering stories about kick-butt women who don't hold back and the awesome men who are smart enough to love them. Now that I'm writing these stories, I couldn't be happier. I hope you enjoy them too!


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