July 26, 2013

Book Review: Finally by Scarlett Metal

Man, I am SO GLAD that I finally got around to reading this book!  I have had the ARC for quite some time, but my reading schedule has been ridiculously packed since I foolishly signed up for every blog tour available.  (Lesson learned, lol).  Now I am finally getting caught up enough that I can go back to reading books that I actually have been dying to read for a while.  My TBR list is scary!  Anyway, I'll quit blabbing and get on with my review:

Finally by Scarlett Metal

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As usual, I have mixed feelings after reading a novella. I liked the plot line and the characters, but I felt like things were so rushed that it took away from the story. Let me explain. :)

Finally is about Lauren and Marcus. They have been long distance co-workers for several years - her in Chicago and him in Denver. There has always been a mutual attraction between the two of him, but the timing was never right. He seemed to always have a girlfriend, and Lauren was engaged until recently. However, after Lauren caught her fiancee cheating on her, and Marcus broke it off with the latest in a string of girlfriends, it finally seems like the stars have aligned in their favor. Add in to the equation that Marcus is coming to Chicago for a big board meeting to woo a client, and you have the perfect scenario for the two of them to explore their sexual attraction. Because that's all it is, right? At least that's what they both say they want. Ha. We know how that always ends up.

It is undeniable that Scarlett Metal knows how to write scorchingly hot sex scenes. Marcus and Lauren have the kind of sex that everyone dreams about having - repeatedly. I liked it. I've always liked a well done work of erotica. However, for a short portion of the book the sex totally overwhelmed the story. I found myself getting to the point where I was like, "Okay, I've read enough about mind blowing orgasms. Let's get on with the actual story." But I want to reiterate: it was very well-written, spank bank material sex! I was just eager to see where the story went next.

Predictably, Marcus and Lauren quickly discover that their feelings run deeper than what they would feel towards a sex buddy. Both of them realize almost simultaneously that they want this fling to become more, and I have to say that it was refreshing for once to read a story where both characters admitted this feeling to the other right away. Sometimes all of the drawing out and build up of a big "feeling" confession gets old. I will say that I did feel like things were way rushed and forced, almost too insta-lovey for me, but I get that it's because this is a novella. I really have high hopes for the full length novel that Scarlett is releasing later this year that deal with these two characters, and I hope that we get all of the character building and relationship development that I felt were missing in this novella.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. I liked the characters, and I like the loose end that is left dangling with Kyle (Lauren's ex). I feel like he's going to pop up in the next book and cause some trouble. If you want a sexy, short read, you should definitely try this out. Hopefully it will hook you in enough that, like me, you'll be waiting for the release of book two in August 2013.

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