July 1, 2013

Review: For You by Mimi Strong

For YouFor You by Mimi Strong

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked this book just fine, but it was missing that "wow" factor that I tend to associate with Mimi Strong's books. If you want to know what I mean, go check out my review of "We Are Made Of Stardust." Anyway, the story was well-written as expected, but for some reason I just couldn't really connect. I can't exactly put my finger on what it was, so I'm having a hard time writing this review.

I think the closest I can get to how I feel is that I wanted more to happen with the story. I felt that Aubrey's (female MC) big reveal at the end was a little lackluster after all of the buildup throughout the entire book. I was expecting something WAY more dramatic than the truth that actually came out. But, in a way, this was more realistic. And it kind of described Aubrey to a tee. She was constantly making a bigger deal out of things than needed to be made, and was constantly trying to push people away because of it. She was really her own biggest problem, so it kind of rang true to the story. Which brings me back to square one. I'm conflicted about how I feel about this book. I liked it, but I wanted more - when it was hot, I wanted cold - when it was bland I wanted spicy. Are you as confused as I am?

Anyway, I did really like the character of Sawyer. He was a really nice guy that wouldn't let Aubrey push him away, not matter how hard she tried. He was very protective of her and went a long way out of his way to show her that she meant something to him, and that he wasn't going to go away. However, once again, I wanted a little more drama. Like a small part of me actually wanted Sawyer to cheat on Aubrey when he had the opportunity, just to shake things up a bit. There wasn't enough conflict, or ups and downs, or tension really to drive their relationship. It was mainly Sawyer trying to get close to Aubrey, and her trying to keep her distance.

Overall, I'm glad I read it, and I am still a 100%, super-huge fan of Mimi Strong and will continue to read everything she writes. Not every book is for everyone, and I'm thinking that may be the case here. This one just wasn't really my cup of tea, so to say. But, I do suggest that you give it a try and see if you like it. It is definitely worth the read just to see.

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