August 6, 2013

Spotlight: Fevered Souls by S.K. Falls

Fevered Souls  by S.K. Falls
Series: Fevered Souls, Volume 1
Publication date: August 5th, 2013
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

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After I left for college, I thought I’d never see Eden again. But I found myself headed back four years later, destitute and unable to find a job anywhere else. Still, I was adamant nothing would keep me there for long.

Then I met the intoxicating Dax Allard. Copper-colored eyes, skin that emanated an exceptional heat, and a host of strange talents… It wasn’t long before I was drunk on him.

But Dax’s past was darker than mine, teeming with ancient secrets. Falling for him could cost me my life.

I had two choices: walk away or deal with the perilous consequences.

It was no choice at all.

Volume I is the compilation of five episodes of the serial novel (essentially an omnibus), and runs about 60,000 words. It is the equivalent of the first book in a trilogy of novels.

Fevered Souls Season 1 (Fevered Souls, #1-5)Fevered Souls Season 1 by S.K. Falls

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had really high hopes for this omnibus. I read the first episode in this series, "Possession" and really liked it (I gave it 5-stars). Unfortunately, for me, the series kind of stalled out after that. S.K. Falls did a good job setting up the story and introducing the world and characters, but then it seemed like everything just dragged.

Cara is a human that has returned to her hometown of Eden after being away at college. She needs a job and so applies for an opening with a mysterious company, and an even more mysterious figurehead. She quickly finds out that Dax is actually a demon with his very own hellhound that guards his property. She has an immediate attraction to him, and him to her, explained by the fact that apparently she is his soul mate. Which means that he is destined to mate with her, which will unquestionably end in a pregnancy that will kill her, and at that time he will absorb her soul which will nourish him for centuries. Ummm, no pressure though, right? Also, Dax and Cara gain quite a few powerful enemies when Dax kills a hellhound that attacks Cara. Plus, apparently Cara is also quite a prize in the demon world since she is "mated" with Dax. Her soul is coveted among other demons, so they are out to kill her and steal her soul for power, plus it will be a blow to Dax at the same time.

I really liked the concept of the demon world that is explained, but I really hated the limitations that were put on Dax and Cara’s relationship. Not only can they not EVER consummate their relationship unless they want Cara to die, or to face execution by the Demon council, they are also not allowed to live together or take any of the other logical steps in a relationship. I also didn’t like how fast they fell in love and started telling each other they loved each other. I know that it was explained because of the demon/soul mate connection, but it still felt forced and fake to me. And I hated that, because Dax and Cara are really a couple that I like. I want to see them be together and find a way to make things work. I hope that there is some sort of loophole that S.K. is going to write into a future episode, because I’m dying here!! Lol.

I was also conflicted about Cara’s relationship with James. I am all for a platonic opposite sex friendship, but it seems like there is no way for Cara and James to ever really have that since he has romantic feelings for her. And I can’t see Dax really being all that okay with Cara having strong feelings for another male other than him. I mean, he IS a super alpha demon male. However, I did like the nice little twist at the end of the omnibus that involves James. I can’t wait to see what direction that goes.

Overall, I did like this series. I just wish more would have happened between Dax and Cara. I feel like their inability to have a physical relationship ultimately weakens the believability of their emotional connection. Plus, there really wasn’t enough time spent in the story showing the two of them together alone and really talking and bonding to build that deep meaningful connection. There was definitely enough potential there for me to come back when S.K. releases book two, but I hope that things begin to pick up pretty fast!

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  1. Hey Jessica! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review. I'm bummed that the omnibus didn't hold that initial spark for you, but I really, really appreciate the honest review. :)

  2. Great review, Jessica. I like the premise of this one and the world building sounds very well done. I think the lack of a physical relationship would be tricky for me so I totally get it - still glad you enjoyed it overall :)


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