August 29, 2013

Spotlight on: Darkest Legacy by Allyson Gottlieb

Title: Darkest Legacy
Author: Allyson Gottlieb
Genre:  Fantasy, Paranormal

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Everyone has secrets they'd prefer stayed buried. But information wants to be free... and so does Tamara Kingsley's ex-lover, incarcerated on the maximum-security prison planet, Alpha.

Tamara has done things she's not proud of, but that was years ago. Now the headmistress of the Silvermist School of Magic for Girls, she has an honest life, one that makes her happy. For the last twenty years she's fought like hell to keep it that way, and she thought she'd succeeded.

She's about to find out just how wrong she was to think her past was dead and gone.

Darkest LegacyDarkest Legacy by Allyson Gottlieb

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

**Book provided in exchange for an honest review.**

This novella had a lot of potential. It had an interesting story line and characters that I felt like I really could have connected with, but it was just too dang short. I know that that's sort of a ridiculous statement when reviewing a novella, but it's the truth. This book was 50 pages on my e-reader (and probably only 45 pages of that was actual story), so there just wasn't enough "meat" to the story for me to really sink my teeth into. I feel like if this story were a little more fleshed out and developed it could be really amazing.

The story centers around Tamara Kingsley, headmistress at an all-girls school of witchcraft. She learns that her ex-lover/friend has escaped from a maximum security prison planet after being locked up for crimes he committed twenty years ago. Tamara was the main reason that he was imprisoned since she betrayed him and reported him to the authorities once she realized what he was planning. Now that he has escaped, she just knows that he will be coming to find her so that he can have his revenge.

The story is told in a series of present day events, and flashbacks to the past when Tamara and Valentine first become friends. I really liked Valentine from the early days, and I was hoping that there would be some sort of redemption for him later on. However, the build up and resolution of the conflict between him and Tamara was over so quickly that there was no time for any sort of development. The climactic scene between the two of them was very unfulfilling.

I really liked the character of Valerie - Tamara's best friend. I would have liked to see her used more in the story. I see that there is a sequel coming out to Darkest Legacy, so maybe we will get more of a story there.

Overall, I recommend this novella if you are looking for a quick and simple read. It was very well written and interesting.

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Author Bio: 
Allyson Gottlieb was born in California, but can't wait to go away to college and trade sunshine, bikinis, and fruit smoothies for autumn leaves, winter coats, and hot cocoa. When she's not busy working on her next bestseller, she can be found devouring books, obsessing over far too many TV shows, baking, spending time with her family and friends... and occasionally doing some homework. She has been writing since second grade and has no plans to stop until she runs out of stories to tell - so basically never.

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