October 21, 2013

Spotlight on: Mail Order Romance Series by Claire Charlins

Karolyn James, writing as Claire Charlins, 
presents the Mail Order Romance Series:

In the 1800’s, many men traveled west seeking opportunity. Some went to California in search of gold. Some settled in the Midwest and farmed land. What came next was that these men didn’t have women to marry. And the women who were east had their own troubles… many of them lost their husbands in the Civil War. It didn’t take long before women began to travel west for marriage. And thanks to small town publications matching men and women via letters, thus creating mail order bride services, women were able to seek opportunities west. But these opportunities sometimes came with heartache of their own…

West For Love – In the number one, bestselling Western ebook in the Kindle store, a young woman travels west to become a mother to an infant. She must become a mother to a baby that isn’t hers, while struggling with her own inability to conceive, and she must become a wife to a man who is hurt and distant.

Finding Love West – The next book in the Mail Order Romance series takes a young woman to Kansas where she falls in love with the brother of the man she’s set to marry. Once married she finds her world turned upside down when a man with a gun comes looking for debts to be paid.

A Marriage West – In the third book published, a young woman finds herself at a train depot in the heart of Kansas. There’s a problem…the man she’s suppose to marry doesn’t show. She’s then robbed of her money and left alone with the night coming. Then a stranger shows up and romance begins to flourish. But can she forget her morals and marry someone else when she hasn’t learned the true fate of the man she accepted the proposal from?

The Mail Order Romance is set to continue for the rest of 2013 and well into 2014! It’s also been announced that another Western Romance series will come from the Claire Charlins pen name!

**Reviews for Claire Charlins:

This book was fun to read. I found myself not wanting to put it down. – West For Love

Fast paced with twists and turns. I enjoyed it and couldn't put it down even when I couldn't stay awake. – Finding Love West

Claire Charlins Amazon Page

West For Love
A Mail Order Romance Novel

Shamed for not birthing a child with her wealthy husband, Anna Stewbren can no longer face her family and the disappointment that they wear on their faces daily. After her husband forces her into divorce, Anna travels to town and reads a heartbreaking letter from a wet nurse in Kansas, seeking a mail order bride for the widower she works for. She instantly knows it is the answer to her prayers...
Josephine has a God given gift to nurture the infants of widowers and the wealthy who would rather not feed their own children. Never before has she met a man like Thomas who so deserves a second chance at love. When she pens a letter to a newspaper in Massachusetts, she does so without permission...
Thomas Calhor is a hardworking man, generous to those around him, and a loving father. However, he is broken and lost without his wife, who did not survive childbirth. His reaction to Josephine's letter even surprises himself and begins a journey that will forever change many lives...
Arriving in Kansas brings Anna more challenges than she ever expected to find, but through love, honor, marriage, and a shocking secret that will forever keep her with Thomas proves that in romance, anything can happen...
Finding Love West
A Mail Order Romance Novel

Eliza Smithren never considered becoming a mail order bride, but after her scheming brother-in-law wants to enlist her in a new business proposition of his, she knows her time has come to leave home once and for all. She doesn't want to be a burden to anyone, including herself.
Edward Thomson sits at the train depot, waiting for his brother's soon-to-be bride to show up. When she does, he's taken back by her beauty. His feelings only start to grow stronger as he spends more time near her, thanks to his brother neglecting his new wife.
Clyde Thomson has secrets deeper than anyone could ever know. Claiming to be a businessman, Clyde soon faces the repercussions of his hidden cheating and gambling debts...
Coming to Kansas was supposed to be the journey of lifetime for Eliza... but as she finds herself falling for Edward, she discovers a secret... and she soon realizes that some debts live on...
A Marriage West
(A Mail Order Romance Novel)

Emma Thoms is no stranger to tragedy. She lost her mother at a young age, and consoled her best friend when she lost her brother in battle. Now after losing her father in a Vermont flood, Emma's insensitive aunt shows up and forces her to Massachusetts to become a mail order bride. Set on not waiting long for the fear of being abused by her aunt, Emma answers the first letter she reads.
Upon arriving in Kansas, Emma's husband-to-be doesn't show. She's then robbed of her money, her faith, and her spirit. On the brink of death herself, she is saved by a kind man with strong hands.
Samuel Calle offers Emma his home while he helps her locate the man she is supposed to marry. But time spent together teaches both Emma and Samuel something - love can happen anywhere, anytime. But with her hand already promised to another man, Emma and Samuel agree to only marry once they know the true fate of Emma's husband-to-be.
Will Emma be swept away by the man who left her to die or will she stay with the generous, caring man that the entire town relies on? This is where love and faith will be put to the test in the newest book in this bestselling western romance series.
Hope Found West
A Mail Order Romance Novel

When Margaret Ashaler accepts a marriage proposal from Charles, a local young, rich businessman, she knows without a doubt, that her life will change forever. No longer will she have to worry about her next meal or whether she will have a clean outfit to wear. However, standing in the most expensive wedding dress, Margaret waits, only to realize her husband-to-be won't be arriving. Being jilted was not part of her dream wedding day...
With no choice but to be taken in by her best friend and her best friend's mother, Margaret must find her own path, and fast. She enlists herself to become a mail order bride, and after months of waiting and exchanging letters, she boards a train west.
Daniel Sernla is a strong man with a nice house and a supple farm, but his heart is broken by the murder of his brother in Dodge City. He hopes the arrival of his wife-to-be will ease his aching soul, but it is tougher than it seems.
In a story of love, revenge, and redemption, Daniel must battle the urge to find the man who killed his brother while Margaret tries to become the perfect wife to Daniel... they must find a way to love and trust each other, especially in the face of danger...
About the Author:
Claire Charlins is the pen name for Karolyn James. Upon releasing the first book in the Mail Order Romance series, West For Love, the book shot straight to the top of the Amazon Kindle charts! The second book in this mail order bride romance series is now available, titled Finding Love West!

Stay up to date with everything Karolyn James here:
On Twitter: @KarolynWrites

Mailing list: tinyurl.com/KJSignup

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