November 14, 2014

Book Review: Worth the Fall by Caitie Quinn

Title:  Worth the Fall (Brew Ha Ha #2)
Author: Caitie Quinn
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Links: Worth the Fall (Brew Ha Ha #2)

Synopsis:  Kasey Lane is having a bad week.


Her idea of success never involved losing her job, man, and apartment in 24-hours. Now, with nowhere to go and no way to pay for it anyway, Kasey decides it’s time for a fresh start, which means a new apartment, a new career, and…no men.

But as a magnet for ridiculousness and absurd brushes with the law, her start goes from fresh to stale in record time. It doesn’t help that Mr. Wrong keeps showing up during her adventures gone awry and taking over. Now, as Kasey plans her way to independence she has to decide if the only path to success is going it alone...or if maybe a partner in crime can make the journey sweeter.

My Review: 5 of 5 stars

Don't you just love it when you take a chance on a new author and it turns out to be one of the best experiences ever? Well, that's what happened to me with this book and this author. Caitie Quinn is definitely now going to be one of my new go-to authors.

This book was awesome! Quinn's writing style is witty, laugh-out-loud funny, sarcastic, snarky, and smart all at the same time. The female MC, Kasey Lane, had me laughing throughout the entire story. She is the lovable klutz/clueless girl that we all can identify with (and if you can't then you know someone like her). She keeps getting herself into ridiculous situations and then has to be rescued by the handsome and bossy cop, Max. The whole book was just so great that I can't decide if my favorite thing was the hilarious scenarios that Quinn crafted for Kasey and Max, Kasey's irreverent inner dialogue, or the witty banter/arguing that took place between Max and Kasey the entire book. It was all great!

I do have to state that I read a review before I read this book that said that this was a good book but that it didn't have any sex scenes in it between the two main characters so they couldn't really enjoy the book. And I have to say that is crazy! A good book, is a good book, is a good book! I am much like the mentioned reviewer - I usually prefer a good dose of kink in any romance book I read. But, in this case it did not detract from the story at all. I might have wished to peek into the bedroom a time or two, but I was too caught up enjoying the actual verbal interaction and shenanigans of the characters to miss it all that much.

Another one of my favorite qualities of this book was the amazing cast of supporting characters. This may be the 2nd book in this series, but it can be read as a standalone. I definitely got the sense that there was a back story with the group of characters, but it didn't detract from the book at all. I can't wait to go and read the rest of the books in this series.

Final opinion: Worth the Fall is worth the read!

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October 14, 2014

Book Review: Masquerade by Cambria Hebert

Masquerade by Cambria Hebert

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I had really high hopes for this book, and had put off reading it for months and months. I was looking forward to it so much that I was expecting to be blown away by how great it was. But, instead, I was really let down.

The first two thirds of this book was boring. It dragged on and on. The heroine, Heven, was a weak, whiny, spineless character that did nothing to endear herself to me. She had no self confidence, no self esteem, and was mousy and timid. Bleh. The hero, Sam, was the exact opposite of her, but for some reason was head over heels in love with her. Plus, I can't even count how many times she cried, or he kissed her on the head or cheek, or a million other sappy, repetitive things that were annoying.

I guess my main complaint is that the plot was super slow in developing. When things finally started happening, I began to like the story a lot more, but it was too little, too late. By the end, after all of the action, and the surprise appearance of a character that will probably be a major focus in the next book, I was just over it.

I hate to be harsh, but I really wish I hadn't wasted my time finishing this book.

**I also want to say that I strongly dislike the cover. The gold crap on her lips looks awful and the fake eyelashes are ridiculous. It would have fit with the story better and made more sense to just have the face and not all of the "enhancements." Just my opinion.

Did anyone else feel this way about this book or am I the only one??? I see all of the 4 and 5 star reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and I wonder if I read the same book!

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July 11, 2014

Book Review: The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre

The Girl in 6E blog Tour Banner


My life, inside this apartment is simple. It works, as long as I follow the rules.

1. Don't leave the apartment. Not in case of fire, not to mail a letter, not to run an errand. The door stays shut, and I stay inside.

2. Don't get attached to clients. I take off my clothes, I stand in front of the camera, and I perform. What they want, I give. Their secrets, I keep. Everything I tell them, is a lie.

3. Don't kill anyone. I've obeyed that rule for over three years.

My life, inside this apartment was simple, and it worked. Then, I started breaking rules.

Enter a world of lies, thrills, fears, and all desires, in this original thriller from A. R. Torre.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual references, and should not be read by anyone under the age of 18.


Undressing is an everyday occurrence. Most women do it mindlessly, automatic motions that accomplish an end result. But, if done correctly, stripping can be the ultimate foreplay, a sexual seduction that can wipe clear any rational thoughts and leave a man totally and utterly at your mercy. I have mastered the art.

I kneel on the bed and trail my fingers over my skin. Light, teasing caresses designed to heighten my senses and stimulate my body. I exhale slow, trembling breaths as my hands travel near sensitive areas, the dip in my neckline, the lace over my breasts. I keep my eyes down, subservient to him, and wait for the command. One always comes.

“Take off your top. Slowly.” The voice was foreign, English words dipped in culture and dialect. I comply, lifting my eyes and biting my bottom lip gently, my tongue quickly darting out, and hear his gasp in response. I run my hands down my neck, grazing the top of my collarbone and dipping under the silk of my negligee. I slide down one strap, then two, the silk bunching over my breasts, the fabric clinging to my nipples. Then I rise to my knees, crossing my arms, sliding the fabric higher, letting it reveal inch by slow inch of skin until it unveils the curve of breasts, dip of throat, and the pout of pink lips.

“Good.” He groaned. “Very good. I like you, Jessica.”

Jessica. Not my real name. He thought he knew me. They all thought they knew me. After all, they’ve seen my Facebook page, seen the Photoshopped photos that construct my manufactured life. They believe what they see, because they want to believe. Like I want to believe.

I turn to the wall and stand, dragging my expensive thong down over my toned hips, bending over and exposing my most private area to his hungry eyes. The embroidered lace slides the rest of the way down my legs and drops around my ankles, snagging on the Italian stilettos that encase perfectly pedicured feet. I am naked now, and slide down to lay on my side in front of him, propped up on one elbow, his eyes hungrily feasting on my body. The lights, bright and hot, illuminate my bare skin, causing it to glow. He speaks, the arousal present in his voice, in the slight thickening of his accent.

“Touch yourself. Just your fingers. I want to see you come.”

He wants my fingers, a seductive performance of gasps, moans, and slick foreplay. Eventually, fingers won’t be enough. The next visit he’ll want more, something bigger, deeper - my moans to be louder, my orgasm stronger. There will be no secrets anymore, no boundaries, no requests he won’t be comfortable giving. At this moment, I am his, to do with as he pleased. And right now, he wants fingers.

The Girl in 6E by Alessandra Torre

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was so intriguing! It had two very original and interesting plot points that wound together to create a fantastic story.

Deanna (aka Jessica to her fans) is a cam girl. In other words, she has cyber sex online with paying customers. But that is not the most interesting thing about her. She also harbors homicidal thoughts, desires and fantasies. They are so strong that for the last 3 years she has locked herself into her apartment and refuses to set foot outside her door for fear that she will just start killing people left and right. Her only human contact is through her web cam sessions, through-the-door conversations with her pill-popping neighbor Simon who locks her in her apartment at night, and the package delivery guy, Jeremy.

In my opinion this book would have been really good if only one of the above story lines was going on, but with the two working together it made a special kind of magic. And by the end of the book, both plots merged seamlessly in a way that made sense to me.

This book blended sexiness and lust with intrigue and suspense. I was hooked in from page one and stayed hooked all the way to the end. I knew nothing about the world of "camming" or cyber sex and the way it was all described seemed very realistic. There were certain times when I questioned Deanna's thirst for murder - certain instances where it seemed like she kind of fell out of character - and that is the only reason I rated this book 4 stars instead of 5. When you read the book I feel like you will know the instances I'm referring to. It just didn't ring 100% authentic that there would be situations where her urge to kill would just flip off like a switch. If she's a true psychopath (or whatever you want to classify her as), I don't think she would have had those moments of morality.

But, maybe she can change. Maybe that's what's in store for the next book. I certainly hope so, because I really liked Deanna and Jeremy, and would love to see them take a chance on whatever weird relationship they feel like they can make work. I will definitely read the next book in this series, if and when there is one!

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teasser 3
Meet the Author

AR Torre
A.R. Torre is a pseudonym for popular erotica author Alessandra Torre. Blindfolded Innocence, her first novel, was a huge success and captured the attention of readers everywhere. When not writing, A.R. Torre enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her family.

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July 9, 2014

Book Review: Deeper by Robin York

Deeper by Robin York

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was spectacular! In fact (and I don't say this lightly), this may be the best book I have read so far this year. And that's high praise, because I feel like I am a very picky reader.

Caroline and West are the type of characters that you just fall head over heels in love with. Typically I find at least one of the main characters in a book to be annoying, or there's just something about them that's a little off-putting. Not in this case! Caroline is a fighter, and she goes through a journey of growth that is awe inspiring. She starts out in the beginning of the book a little timid and scared and weak after her ex does something awful to her, but by the end of the book she is standing tall, kicking ass and taking names. She really finds herself from start to finish in this book and I admired the hell out of her.

West is....well, he is just West. And I loved him. Flat out, one of the best book boyfriends ever. There are a couple of scenes where he just grabs Caroline and manhandles her and Oh. My. Gawd. Once they finally give in to the crazy lust and attraction between the two of them, it is hot! But I totally loved how they built a real foundation to their "non-friendship" first before they jumped into anything physical. They are both damaged in their own ways, and the way their relationship developed seemed really authentic to them as characters and to the story in general.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, and I'm fixing to go do something that has maybe happened once out of a hundred times. I'm fixing to go buy the sequel to this book off of Amazon because I simply cannot wait to see what happens! This author totally deserves my purchase of the next book, and I am going to happily give it to her. Read this book if you haven't yet! You won't regret it!

July 8, 2014

Book Review: Carrier by Anne Tibbets

Carrier by Anne Tibbets
(The Line #1)
Published by: Carina Press
Publication date: June 16th 2014
Genres: Dystopia, New Adult

Purchase Links:  Amazon  //  Barnes and Noble

Twenty-two -year-old Naya has spent nearly half her life as a sex slave in a government institution called The Line. When she’s kicked out after getting pregnant with twins, she’s got no way to earn a living and a horrifying choice to make: find someone to replace her, or have her babies taken in her stead.
A doctor with a history of aiding ex-Line girls, Ric Bennett, wants to help. He runs a team of rebels that can delete Naya’s records and free her forever. But when The Line sniffs out his plan, things get bloody, fast. Naya means more to them than just a chance at fresh faces—her twins are part of the government’s larger plan.
As they hide from government search parties, Ric comes to admire Naya’s quiet strength. And Naya realizes Ric might be a man she can trust. If they make it off the grid, they could build a new life. But first they’ll have to survive the long, vicious reach of The Line.

Carrier (The Line, #1)Carrier by Anne Tibbets

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was awesome! I was hooked in from page one, and read furiously until the end. I usually don't really like dystopian books, but I decided to make an exception for this one because the synopsis was so interesting.

Naya is a slave. A sex slave. She works on the Line and is forced to have sex with men day in and day out. When you're on the Line, there is no release, no foreseeable future where you are free. So it a huge shock when one day Naya is pulled into the manager's office and told that not only is she being released, but that she is also pregnant with twins. But there is a catch. She has to either find someone to take her place on the Line, or after her babies are born the Line will find her (and kill her) and take the babies.

While this just by itself would have made for a great story, there are several other plot lines that weave and intersect with Naya's. Of course there is a big government secret, an underground resistance, and good people willing to do anything for a noble cause.

I loved Naya and how strong and resilient she is, even after all of the horrible things she has been subjected to. The supporting cast is also great, and I felt like I bonded with each one of them.

This book does end on a sort of cliffhanger, but not so bad that you feel like throwing your Kindle across the room! I personally will be reading book two as soon as possible, and I can't wait to see what is next in this story.

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Anne Tibbets is an SCBWI award-winning and Best Selling author. After writing for Children’s television, Anne found her way to young/new adult fiction by following what she loves: books, strong female characters, twisted family dynamics, magic, sword fights, quick moving plots, and ferocious and cuddly animals.

Along with CARRIER, Anne is also the author of the young adult fantasy novella, THE BEAST CALL and the young adult contemporary, SHUT UP.

Anne divides her time between writing, her family, and three furry creatures that she secretly believes are plotting her assassination.

Find her on Facebook at or on Twitter @WriteforCoffee. To contact Anne, visit and click the ‘CONTACT’ tab.

Author Links:

June 21, 2014

Book Review: Above the Noise by Michelle Kemper Brownlow


Becki Mowry’s journalism expertise keeps her busy as she spends her waking hours filling a calendar with gigs and public appearances for her boyfriend’s up and coming band, Alternate Tragedy. Radio interviews and TV spots result in sold out concerts and rowdy groupies hot for her guy; lead singer, Calon Ridge. But, as fame would have it, their time in the limelight also brings sabotage, rumors and false accusations. Becki and Calon try to stay steadfast on a personal journey that takes them to the depths of fear and uncertainty. And finally, the rug is pulled out from under the band when they must make a transition they never dreamed they’d be faced with.

In this third book of the In Too Deep series, Becki and Calon struggle to find balance as they navigate their new relationship while living amid the rock world’s nocturnal chaos. But when life’s unexpected obstacles come out of nowhere, they focus on finding their own private solace Above the Noise.




Go! I don’t want you near this!” I turned back toward Max. I’d allowed my eyes
off him for way too long.
What is this about, Calon?” Max was a
dumbass for challenging me with semantics.
hands all over Becki. That’s what this is
about, Max!” I motioned between us with my hand.
then the beat of “Tsunami” by Dvvbs and Borgeous bounced the floor. The music
was so loud it’s all I could hear. Max’s mouth flapped, but I had no idea what
he said. I didn’t need to hear anything to read his cocky swagger as he walked
toward me or the two middle fingers he shot up when he got within reach. That’s
when it all went down.
threw the first punch, seemingly in response to what he knew was coming his
way. He caught me in the jaw, and I heard Becki shriek my name, but my head
sprung back instantly, and my eyes locked on his. My fist connected with the
side of his head right at his temple, and I felt something in my hand crack,
but I felt no pain.
James! Knock it the fuck off!” Becki’s voice was garbled, like it was coming at
me through liquid.
wanted to just leave with her and keep her safe, but the cocky motherfucker in
front of me needed to feel the line I
was drawing in the sand. He came at me again, this time he ducked and ran
straight into my chest with his head. I curled my arms under his and brought
them up violently and made contact with his chest with a deep thunk. I could
feel the hit reverberate through my forearms.
He staggered back, but his feet caught up with his body and he kept his
think you’re such a fuckin’ hot shot, don’t you?” He was calling me the hot shot?
shook out the hand that hit him, and then ran it through my hair. I shoved the
other hand in the pocket of my jeans. “Are we done, Max?” I had to yell over
the music, and he was less than three feet from me. I drew my line. He needed
to understand his boundaries if we were going on tour together, but I didn’t
need to kill him. We could be done as soon as he got the point.
we’re done when I walk out the front door with Becki.” His lip curled when he
said her name, which sent a shock through my body I’d never felt before. I
could only imagine what went through his mind as her name rolled off his
tongue. We weren’t done.
 I lost it and caught him in the head again
with my fist. No doubt, I felt that one. I took another shot and made abrupt
contact with his jaw then another. Becki was yelling, but I couldn’t make sense
of anything she said, the music was too loud. Someone grabbed me from behind
and pulled me back. “Dude, he’s not worth it, let’s bounce. C’mon, Cal, don’t
do this.” Spider, always the voice of reason.
nodded and wrestled my arms back from him. I took a deep breath and calmly
walked back over to where Max was crouched, trying to get up.
you were out of line.” I crouched down in front of him and watched him wipe the
blood coming from his nose with the back of his hand. I didn’t want to
apologize. I wanted to continue smashing his head with my fist, but that wasn’t
how I wanted people to see me. “Stay away from her. She’s not yours to take.”
I’m not yours to take either!”
Becki’s voice was loud and clear as the song ended. I stood and turned to her.
She didn’t say another word, but her eyes said it all. I’d disappointed her.
That revelation stung way worse than if she’d just punched me in the gut.

Above the Noise (In Too Deep, #3)Above the Noise by Michelle Kemper Brownlow

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am a big fan of this series, and once again Michelle Kemper Brownlow delivered an excellent read! I have loved Becki and Calon since they were introduced in books one and two, so I was ecstatic that they were going to get a book of their own.

The pace of the story was great. It never bogged down, and it held my interest from beginning to end. Calon ended up being an even better character, and boyfriend, than I could have ever imagined. However, I couldn't help but wish that he was just a little bit more bad. After all, he is on his way to being a huge rock star, but he acts like he's a church altar boy. Plus, much like I felt about the first two books, there is just too much crying! From both Calon and Becki. Don't get me wrong, these books are very emotional, but I guess I prefer my characters to be more stoic or something. Tears should be reserved for very, very, very, extreme circumstances. If I'm not moved to tears by what's going on in the story, it kind of bothers me that the characters are crying.

Anyway, that is literally my only complaint about this book. And it didn't detract from the story - in fact it's probably only something that bothers me. I loved how the story ended, I loved the journey they took along the way, and I can't wait for more of these characters and this world!

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Michelle Kemper Brownlow has been a storyteller her entire life. Her debut was on the high school cheerleading bus granting requests to re-tell her most embarrassing moments for a gaggle of hysterical squadmates.

Earning her Bachelor’s degree from Penn State University in Art Education and then marrying her very own “Jake,” she moved to Binghamton, NY where she taught high school. After having two children she quit work and finished her Master’s degree in Elementary Education at Binghamton University.

The Brownlow family of four moved to Michelle’s hometown of Morgantown, PA while the children were still quite young. A few years after moving, her family grew by one when they welcomed a baby into their home through the gift of adoption. The family still resides in PA, just miles from where that high school cheer bus was parked.

Michelle has been an artist for as long as she can remember, always choosing pencils and crayons over toys and puzzles. As a freelance illustrator, her simple characters play the starring roles in numerous emergent reader books published by Reading Reading Books.

Stay connected with Michelle:


Follow me on Twitter: @MK_Brownlow

"Like" me on facebook: Michelle Kemper Brownlow/ Author




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June 20, 2014

Book Review: Purely Professional by Elia Winter

Purely Professional by Elia Winters

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was a surprisingly delightful read. It wasn't a really long novel (about 150 pages), but had enough meat to it that it was thoroughly enjoyable. The BDSM scenes were nice and hot, but didn't cross the line into totally hard core. I loved it!

Bridget is a writer that works for Sultry magazine. When they give her an edgier assignment, she is forced to enlist the help of her sexy neighbor Max who agrees to show her the ropes of the BDSM scene. In fact, he actually agrees to be her private tutor. But of course the chemistry between the two of them is unreal, and Max is just sex on a stick, so of course things get complicated really fast. While the two of them agreed that they just wanted to keep things professional, the intense emotions and experiences that they share make that impossible.

But when push comes to shove, they have to decide if a real relationship that includes BDSM is something they both want, or if they need to just cut their losses and walk away.

Like I said earlier, this book was great! The characters were interesting, the sex scenes were hot, and the entire thing was well written and had a nice pace to it. I definitely recommend it if this genre is your sort of thing.

**I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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Author Info:

Elia Winters has always been a New England girl, despite having spent much of her childhood in Florida. She holds a degree in English Literature and teaches at a small rural high school where she runs too many extracurricular activities. She balances her love of the outdoors with a bottomless well of geekiness.

Elia dabbles in many genres, but erotic romance has been one of her favorites since she first began sneaking her mother’s romance novels. In high school, she kept her friends entertained with a steady stream of naughty stories and somehow never got caught passing them around. Her erotic fiction and poetry have been published online at Clean Sheets and Scarlet Letters under a different name. Elia currently lives in New England with her loving husband and their odd assortment of pets.

In addition to her official website, you can also find Elia on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

June 17, 2014

Spotlight: Crave by Violet Vaughn

Crave by Violet Vaughn
Publication date: June 15th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Purchase:  Amazon  //  Barnes and Noble

With five men for every woman, the selection of eligible bachelors in Breckenridge, Colorado during ski season couldn’t get much better. Casey Cassidy can’t help but enjoy the view. But Casey didn’t move here to sit on the sidelines. Desperate to get over Jason and find a man that wants a family, Casey finds Blaine Johnson – a wish come true. A hunky surfer turned ski instructor, he checks off every requirement on her list.

Except for the one she forgot to add.

Blaine has a secret. A secret so big it keeps intimacy smoldering, when Casey needs fire. No matter how hard she tries, the embers won’t ignite. Can she live without passion to get the family she craves?

When Jason comes to town, Casey questions everything she wished for. Their consuming love threatens to explode and ruin her dream. Will she have to choose between a family and the love of her life?


 “Hey Casey, lose your friends?”
“Something like that. I shouldn’t drive. Would you give me a ride home?” I think I might regret this, but right now I don’t care.
Jason pushes the door open for me. I hop up, slam the door, and snap the seat belt in place. It’s like an old friend’s embrace. The odor of his truck is a mix of dirt, stale coffee, and cut pine. I reach down and take off my shoes. My feet are killing me. He chuckles. “What’s so funny?”
“Your feet stink.”
“Charmer.” I snort.
“Does your boyfriend know about those feet?” He’s still smiling.
“Oh, you’re a comedian. Not only does he know, he massages them after a long ski day.”
Pain flickers in his eyes, before his face gets serious. “What did you eat today?”
“What? I’m not trashed, Jason. Just a little buzzed.” I sniff my shoe. It does stink.
“I know. That’s not why I’m asking. So tell me, what did you eat today?”
I haven’t missed the food police. But I know one thing; he won’t stop until I tell him, so I might as well get this over with. I think for a minute. “Coffee, half a sandwich, cheese, and an apple.” Okay, so he doesn’t need to know it was a tiny piece of cheese and one slice of apple. I add, “Hey, at least it’s not junk.”
“There’s that.” He pauses. “What’s going on? Something’s wrong. You’re skinny and not eating.” There’s concern in his voice.
Oh man, tears pool in my eyes. “I’m fine.” My voice cracks and gives me away.
Warm fingers wrap around my hand. “Casey.” His voice is soft, and my tears start to fall.
I snap open his glove box in search of a tissue. He has three packages. I take one out and look over at him. “Tired of snot on your shirt?”
He chuckles.
The truck groans as he puts it in park. The seat belt snaps back as he turns to me. “Come here.” He opens his arms.
I unbuckle and slide over. He pets my hair as I cry, and I breathe in the musky-wood scent of him. Each stroke sends a jolt to my heart. I look up into his eyes. Their color is deep in the darkness of the night. My eyes fall to his lips, and I want to kiss him. I bite my lip in reflex, tamping down the impulse. I reach up and touch his mouth with my fingers. He pushes me away. “You need to get back on your side of the truck.” His voice is husky. He holds his head for a moment and then takes my shoulders. “Really, I need you to move.”
I move over with a questioning look in my eyes.
“Hey. You’re just a little too tempting that close.” He shifts in his seat. “So why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?”
You’re pretty tempting yourself. “I can’t. I just can’t.” I pick up my shoes and my purse. “Thanks for the ride.” The door creaks open, and I slide off the leather seat. The gravel in the driveway hurts my feet, but I walk on it anyway. I wave and let myself in as headlights swing away.
Violet Vaughn writes New Adult Romance in her home in New Hampshire.  She lives with her husband, two teenagers and three Portuguese Water Dogs.  An avid skier she taught skiing and snowboarding before she started her family and now skies every winter weekend for enjoyment.  Summers are full of hiking and running with her dogs.

Author Links:

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