January 15, 2014

Blitz: Second Chances - Sammy's Story by Annie Edmonds

Second Chances Blitz

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Book Title: Second Chances Sammy's Story
Author: Annie Edmonds
Genre: Erotic Romance
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Samantha Raine was widowed at age thirty and now two years later she wanted more out of life than what she had in New Jersey. When her two best friends Kelly and Garrett offered her a job to watch their Florida beach home for three months while they were away on vacation she knew she had to take the chance to see if the change in scenery was what she needed to start her new life.
Jake Monroe was a well-established architect and builder who lived on Siesta Key in South west Florida. He was also part owner of a private BDSM club called Desire. He knew Kelly and Garrett because they were members at Desire, he became great friends with them as he remodeled their home.

Each day that Jake came to work the couple would bring up their friend Sammy from New Jersey and after hearing just about everything there was to hear about this single young, beautiful woman for almost two years he was ready to meet Samantha. Only Sammy didn’t know her best friends had plans for her with the most eligible bachelor in Siesta Key. And that he was a self-made millionaire.
The only fear Jake had was if Sammy was willing to leave her vanilla sex life and be able to handle the kinky sex that he was now accustomed too. Garrett assured him that Sammy was the perfect submissive only she didn’t know it yet.

Sammy wanted to see and do everything she was tired of saying no to life. She knew that forgiving herself for letting a man take control of her life was the first step in moving forward, and she vowed to never let that happen again she was ready willing and able to go after her second chance at life and love.

Meet the Author

lbi 2012 005I found my happily ever after 28yrs ago and married him. I am also a daughter, a sister, an aunt who loves her nieces and nephews, and a friend. I have lived with chronic pain for 25yrs due to spinal cord injuries. I am a Jersey girl born and bred. if I had a choice I would live at the beach as it has always been a place that soothes my soul, and gives me so much joy. I love to write and decided it was time to get serious and now I am an Indie who has published my first Erotic Romance novel. I also love photography, gardening, collecting treasures from the sea and I am a foodie that loves to cook.

Sneak Peek

She realized he had said he did the remodel for Kelly and Garrett, and she started to blush again. “Was it something I said Samantha?” She looked down and to the side; “It was just the remodel that caught me off guard.” He got this look on his face and he smiled as he took that last shot of tequila and bit the lemon wedge, then he shook his head yes, “Yes I worked on that room for almost six months while my crew took care of the rest of the house.” and she started to laugh.

He had this wicked half smile on his face as he laughed with her and never took his eyes off of her. He loved her laugh and her nervous giggle; she was as perfect as Garrett had said. She blushed some more thinking about him in that kink room putting together those wooden cabinets and hanging that leather swing.

While they talked and ate the grouper he ordered, they listened to the band who were playing old eighties music, and they each did one more shot of tequila. They were having a great time laughing, talking and touching; things were going so smoothly and everything was perfect.

Jake offered her the last couple oysters even though she hadn’t eaten any of them. “I don’t think so,” she smiled and then she remembered change is good. “Ok, make me one.” He looked surprised than squirted some lemon on a freshly shucked oyster and held it to her mouth, “Swallow Samantha.” She looked into his blue eyes and answered right back, “Don’t mind if I do,” then she went for it. He was amazed that she had taken that oyster then she asked for another. “Samantha you’re really blowing my mind right now.” She loved the way he said her name, no one but her mom called her Samantha.

The night was going great but the Oyster bar was getting ready to close. The band was packing up, the bar keeper had called last call an hour ago. She didn’t want this night to end. She also shouldn’t of had that last shot, three white wine spritzer’s and two shots of tequila was just too much for her.

He asked if she was alright to drive home and she smiled, “Nope, I think you are going to have to drive me home,” “Good call little one.” With the bar closing right behind them Jake tipped the bar keeper a hundred dollar bill. He had already taken care of the check. Then he asked Sammy for her keys to the rover, she handed him her keys without a care in the world. He stood in front of her and as she got up she looked up into his eyes and he gazed back into hers. “You have the most beautiful eyes Samantha.” She giggled, “So do you Jake.” He wanted to kiss her but he held back as he put his arm out so that she had something to hold onto. She squeezed his bicep and snuggled her head into him as she breathed in his cologne.

He smiled as he escorted her to the Range Rover. He opened the passenger side door and helped her in then went around to the driver’s side and she thought he was a true gentleman. They started to pull away, “I should give you the address.” “Just sit back beautiful I have been to your house many times, I drove there every day for six months. I have also been to a few parties at the O’Hara’s. I think I could find my way there with my eye’s closed Samantha.” She sat back as the music played she could smell his cologne and it was making her Horney. It was only eleven o’clock and even though she had had a full day she was ready for whatever this night might bring.

As Nora Jones was playing on the radio he asked her how her trip was going and how long she was actually staying, “Well so far I have had a spectacular day. I am staying for three months and if the rest of the trip is anything like today I think I just may never leave.”

Jake smiled that perfect smile he had and she giggled, than hiccupped, and they both laughed, “I think we should spend more time together Samantha. Would that be something your open too?” She smiled, “I would really like that Mr. Monroe.” She hiccupped again then giggled, which made them both laugh.

When they arrived at her new home Jake parked the Rover in the garage, “Stay here little one, he ran over to the passenger side and led her out by taking her hand. She had her shoes in the other. He walked her to the door and unlocked it.

He walked right in and went to the refrigerator and opened a bottle of water. “Drink this Samantha,” she hiccupped and then giggled, and he laughed, “I am going to hold your ears tight while you drink this water. She looked up and didn’t hesitate she just did it. She lifted the bottle to her lips as he placed his strong hands over her ears tight, as if her head was in a vice. She looked up at him as he said “drink, drink, drink” she swallowed as much water as she could. And then he let go and took the bottle away from her lips and he watched her waiting to see if the hiccups were gone. “You did it, there gone, thank you Jake.”

“Would you like to take a walk on the beach with me, I really don’t feel safe walking alone at night just yet.” “I would love to walk with you on the beach.” He took his shoes off and opened the sliding doors; she told him she would be right back after using the bathroom.

She walked out and met him on the patio; and noticed the Jacuzzi was running. She gave him a smile, “What do you think?” “I’m game if you are,” he smiled “Let’s take that walk on the beach first.” He held his hand out and she took it.

They walked in the powdery sand that was now cold as their feet touched it and felt great, “Jake, I am really glad that you called.” “I am really glad I called too, I wanted to thank you for taking care of Rocky at the beach today.” She smiled “I love dogs, he is beautiful Jake, oh and I have Rocky’s tennis ball.” He smiled “I have a feeling that there will be plenty of time for you to give Rocky his ball back. Hold onto it he has plenty of them. I will bring him by one afternoon if that’s alright with you Samantha.” “I would love that Jake.”

As they watched the moon over the water Jake felt what he had hoped for was standing right next to him. “I have had a really great time tonight, and I really would love to see you again Samantha.” “I would like that too Jake.” He faced her and took her head in his huge hands, he rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip and he kissed her like she had never been kissed before. It was a slow sweet wet kiss, one that she was not going to forget any time soon. He had waited a very long time for that kiss.

They walked and talked for a while, and as they walked back to the house he asked her if she was alright with him taking the initiative to turn on the Jacuzzi. She smiled, “I am starting a new life Jake and I am trying to make-up for lost time. I don’t like games I like honesty. I want to experience everything. I am willing to try anything at least once. It’s like I have been away from my life for a long time and now I just want to live it and feel it. I hope I am making sense.” “You are making perfect sense.” “It’s just that I want to,” he didn’t let her finish; he just took her head in his hands and kissed her mouth again. This time he gave her more tongue. As he let go he looked into her eyes, “I understand, Samantha, I hope I can be the one to show you what you have been missing.”

She smiled, “Um one thing Jake, I am not into anything that hurts too much.” She put her head down and giggled, “I didn’t mind you turning the Jacuzzi on; in fact I am glad you took the initiative, thank you Jake.” “You’re welcome Samantha; I think that the key is honesty in any friendship as well as any relationship. Without honesty there is no foundation, as for trying new things I think I can handle that one too. So do you want to see where this goes?” He flashed her that beautiful smile of his, she noticed that he had a dimple on one side of his very handsome chiseled face. “Yes Jake, let’s see where this goes and she giggled.

She asked him if he wanted one of Garrett’s swims suits, “I swim commando style Samantha,” they both laughed, “Ok, and so it’s like that is it?”

She put her arms behind her back and intertwined them with her hands like a submissive would, she was blushing again and his cock was getting hard. She was already so submissive, just the way she blushed at new things, he could get used to this woman quickly.

“I think since you are trying new things that you might want to take your clothes off right here, right now. She felt her face blush and could feel a twinge between her legs; she put her head down and to the side as she giggled, “Is that an order Jake?” “If you’re up for that kind of game Samantha, than it is an order.” As he watched her he couldn’t believe she was finally here.

She smiled as she took her halter top off. She had her head down. Jake never took his eyes off of her. She undid her bra and held it on her breast for a second and then dropped it on the lounge chair and her perfectly round breasts were front and center. Her nipples were already standing at attention.

“Look at me and don’t take your eyes off of mine, do you understand Samantha?” “Yes I understand,” she looked into his eyes and she couldn’t get the smile off of her face. She felt like this was the first time she ever let a man see her naked. As she thought about it, it actually was a first in a very long time as Jake was actually only the second man she had ever taken her clothes off for.

Then she unzipped her jeans and she wiggled them off her small hips down to the ground, “Go on Samantha.” She slipped her white thong right down to her ankles and bent forward picked them up and threw them at him. He caught them and put them up to his face and breathed in. All the while his eyes were locked on hers, “These panties are very wet Samantha and your scent is amazing.” She stood there for a few minutes as he walked closer to her never taking his eyes off of hers. “Samantha you are a beautiful woman.” She felt herself blush; it was hard for her to take a compliment. He bent down and she lifted her head to kiss his lips so he couldn’t speak again.

“And I love the way you shave your bottom. There is nothing better than a nice clean shaved pussy.” She giggled and felt the flush on her face, she went to put her hand in front of her pussy, “Don’t cover that perfect pussy up Samantha,” and he kissed her again as he held onto her tiny waist.

Jake thought to himself, she had been through hell and back from what he was told and yet here she was standing before him naked doing just what he asked. Being submissive without knowing, she had no idea just how perfect and beautiful she was or that he had plans for her. He had waited and was so happy she was finally here in Siesta Key. Garrett and Kelly had practically groomed him for this moment and he didn’t want to blow it, not after waiting for so long.

He then touched her erect nipples. He bent down and took one in his mouth and sucked until it was even harder and she moaned. He took the other nipple and licked it. She bent her neck back and as the cool breeze coming off the ocean hit her very wet pussy, and she moaned.

He kissed the nape of her neck and then her ear lobe. And whispered, “Whatever it is you’re wearing I love that scent Samantha, I could stay here forever.” He put his thumb on her wet clit and started to move it around and then he stuck his finger into her pussy and she couldn’t help but moan. “That’s it Samantha let it go, let me take you and make you feel everything you have been missing.”

She went to talk and he put his finger to her mouth. “Quiet Angel, unless I am doing something you don’t like or don’t want you should just open your mind and let me pleasure you. I am not going to hurt you Samantha.” He kissed her lips and when he backed off he took her bottom lip with him. She melted; she couldn’t believe this beautiful man was pleasuring her like she wanted, like she had never been pleasured before.

“Tonight is all about you Samantha, no worries just pleasure,” he stuck his two fingers into her very wet pussy,” she gasped, “Oh yes.” She pushed her hips up to his hand as she breathed in and caught herself. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and passionately kissed her mouth and her neck then her shoulder and back to her lips. “Open your beautiful eyes Samantha, keep them open and on mine.” She was enjoying this very much, she tried her best to keep her eyes on his, but sometimes a girl just has to close her eyes when a man is touching her and it feels this good.

Her body was his tonight and she was more than willing to give in to his every whim. As she moaned in his arms she could think of no reason why she waited so long to come to Siesta Key. So far her new life was better than she ever expected and it had just begun.

He picked her up and walked her into the Jacuzzi; she hadn’t even noticed him take his pants off. With one hand he was keeping her happy. His fingers were moving in her pussy and his thumb was on her clit while he kissed her mouth. No one had ever touched her like this, she thought; wow this is the way I want to be treated. He is not worried about himself; he is only worried about giving me pleasure.

Jake bent his head down to her chest as he sucked her nipples to stiff points; he kept his two fingers inside her. She moaned as his thumb circled her clit and he kept talking to her, telling her everything he was doing. He had her sitting on his lap; her back was up against his hard chest. He kissed her neck and whispered, “Are you alright Samantha? She shook her head, “Use your words Angel; I need to know you are alright.” “Yes Jake, I am fine, and Thank you” “For what Samantha?” She turned around and put her arms around his strong neck and looked up into his eyes, “No one has ever asked me how I felt, or if I was alright before.” He kissed her lips, “Samantha I am not just anyone, I promise I will always put you first, put your pleasure first. That is just how I am.”

Jake turned her back around and put her legs on each side of his, and she was lying back on his chest, he had full access to every part of her. He whispered in her ear, “You smell heavenly Samantha.” She smiled as both of his hands came around her, he pinched her hard nipples; she felt her pussy every time he touched them, she thought this man seems to know what he is doing.

He was enjoying the way she responded to his every touch, he had his fingers in front of her, plunging them in and out of her pussy. He pinched her nipple hard with the other hand and she moaned louder. He kept thrusting his fingers in and out of her.

And he whispered in that soft but dominant tone, “Samantha you’re doing great,” never letting up on his fingers moving through her slick wet pussy. He started to go even deeper, in an out deeper, as his thumb circled her clit, she was close to Cuming, “Oh I need to cum, Ah Yes,” “It’s ok Samantha go for it.” She let out a moan and he was sure someone had to hear her; he smiled and laughed as he kissed her cheek. “Jake that was amazing.”

He then lifted her out of the Jacuzzi, and sat her on the end of the lounge chair as he dried her off with a towel. She ran her fingers through his short thick hair as he looked into her eyes, “Are you alright Samantha?” “I am more than alright, thank you.” He started to laugh. “You don’t think we are done do you little one?” she giggled “No one has ever done that to me and wanted more.” He lifted her up and walked her into the house past the kitchen down the hall into the master bedroom where he laid her on the bed. He dried himself off; she looked into his blue eyes “Are you ready for round two Samantha?” She giggled, “Yes Jake I am ready, and that was amazing.”

She was all smiles as she lay back on the pillows, then Jake came out of the bathroom with her vibrating wand. She blushed as she put her hands over her eyes “I hope it’s alright if we use this Angel? She stuttered s-s-sure, he laughed. “Are you embarrassed because I picked up your wand? “Um, yes,” she was beet red; as he plugged the wand in he dialed down the lighting so that it was perfect. Then he laid back with her on the king size bed and laughed with her. “No reason to be embarrassed Samantha this is something I would think most women and even men have in their bedrooms.” She giggled, “Yea but I just met you.” He touched her face with his callused hand, “We can stop if you want,” “Oh no, I just never had a man do this before,” she smiled. “Do what?” “Give me so much attention and pleasure.” Things are about to change Samantha, I am here to give you pleasure, and to make sure you are satisfied. Lay back beautiful you deserve the pleasure I am about to give you.” And she smiled.

He leaned in and kissed her lips tenderly and turned on the wand, she giggled then he pulled her legs apart, she giggled some more. He placed the wand between her legs directly on her clit. He laughed as she placed her hands over her eyes. “Do you have something to say little one?” He took the wand off of her clit and pulled her down on the bed and bent down and put his lips on her clit, “Oh, my” “Are you alright?” Do you want me to stop?” “I am fine and please don’t stop.” He put his mouth back on her pussy; he could tell she was enjoying this by the sounds that were coming from her, “MM, Ah,”

He stuck his two fingers back into her pussy and she immediately moaned louder, his tongue was circling her clit and then he sucked on it. She never had a man take this much time to please her in her life; she held his head as he devoured her pussy. He looked with a sexy grin and took the magic wand and placed it back directly on her clit. He started to bounce it on an off she moaned some more. He then asked her to hold it for him in place. She looked like he had asked her something awful, “I just have never done anything like that before with a man. “Let’s make this easy on you, he got up and moved the dimmer on the light switch off, leaving only the small lamp across the room on, then took her hand and placed the wand back to her wet clit. “Ok Samantha that should be better.”

She took the wand rubbed her clit, he got off the bed and said in that dominant voice “leave that wand on that beautiful pink clit of yours Samantha.” He went and got a condom out of the basket then he got back on the bed and was smiling, “See Samantha, this isn’t that hard now is it?”

She shook her head no, and he laughed, “What did you say?” she giggled. “ No Jake it’s not hard at all.” He leaned in and kissed her, “I am so proud of you.” He knew this beautiful woman wanted to please him and she wanted to let go of her inhibitions and he was going to help her do it.

He took the wand back and placed that it on her clit and rubbed it back and forth; Oh, Ahh, “That’s it Samantha go with it, let go.” Then he stuck two fingers back into her pussy, “you are so wet, he brought her almost to another orgasm then stopped, “Did I do something wrong, Jake?” No I am just trying to teach you a few things.” She didn’t know what but she was willing to go along with it. He kissed her mouth and their tongues danced together. He put his fingers back on her clit and then he asked her if she was ready, she giggle “Yes Jake.” He looked into her eyes as he put his thick hard cock slowly into her wet pussy, “You are so tight little one, I will go slowly.”

Sammy pulled her legs back as he slowly pushed in and out, he picked up the wand and placed it back on her clit and she was off again, OH Yes, Please Jake please, Oh, he pumped his hips a little harder as she moaned; “Yes, Ah, that’s it.” And thrust his hard cock into her harder and faster, “I need to cum Jake.” “Go ahead Samantha, cum for me Angel, do it now!

And she did, “Oh, Oh, Oh my God Jake, Oh Yes!” and she started to giggle. He put the wand aside he jerked into her a few more times and he grunted as he came too. He leaned in and kissed her as he laid there for just a few minutes then said he would be right back. He got off of her and went into the bathroom and threw the condom away and went to get his jeans that were out on the patio.

She laid there thinking he was going to run, oh no I should have waited; I bet I scared him away. He came back in with his jeans on and lay right next to her. She put a tee shirt on and laid back into his strong arms with her head on his chest and he kissed her head, “Are you alright Samantha?”

He kissed her again, and saw she was crying, “What is it, did I hurt you? Samantha, tell me what’s wrong?” She was scared but she knew she had to tell him, “Jake,” “Yes Samantha I am here, tell me what is wrong, didn’t you say that you want honesty?” “Well its stupid so don’t laugh ok.” “I won’t laugh just tell me what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours.”

She couldn’t look at him, “I thought when you got up that you were going to leave me laying here and just walk out the door. That I may have let you go too far on the first date which wasn’t even a date. You must think I am a slut, I’m really not, I swear.”

As tears were rolling down her cheeks, He pulled her close to him and said in a very strong but gentle voice, “Samantha, look at me.” She shook her head no. “I need you to look at me so I can help you ok” she sat up and looked at him. He wiped her tears with his thumbs and moved her hair out of her face. He thought she looked adorable, “Don’t cry, I don’t think you’re a slut. How can you even think that when you have waited two years to have sex with anyone, am I right?” She shook her head yes and sniffled, “And I wouldn’t have even let it go as far as it did if I thought that you were a women who just fucked around.” She hugged him, “So you don’t think I am a slut?” He smiled, than he laughed, “No little one, far from it.” And then she giggled. Jake propped a few pillows behind his head. Pulled her onto his chest, “I would love to have a real date with you, how about tomorrow?” She smiled “I would love that.”

As she looked at him he had to tell her the truth, “Before we go any farther I have to tell you something; I know I told you that Garrett and Kelly told me about you, but I mean they told me everything about you. I even saw every picture that they have of you. They kept telling me that they had the perfect women for me. And when they told me that you were coming I was excited.”

If you think about today at the beach, I had just listened to your message on my way to look for Rocky, so when I saw that it was you and I heard your voice I was actually stunned, I did a double take.” She giggled as she looked up at him, “Really?”

“So you know everything I have gone through and you still wanted to take me out?” He shook his head yes, “No question I wanted to take you out months ago.” He kissed the top of her head “I don’t know if I should be mad that no one told me about you Jake, or happy that you thought enough of me to at least give me a chance. Do you really want to see me again, or are you just doing Kelly and Garrett a favor?”

He smiled as he held her in his arms he kissed her lips; she laid her head back down on his chest. And he brushed his hand up and down her soft arm “I am not doing our match maker friends any favors,” he laughed. Maybe we should talk about me for a while? “I would love that, let’s get comfortable. “Would you like something to drink; I am going to make myself a cup of tea.”

“That sounds like a great idea, how about I come out to the kitchen with you and we both get some tea.” She smiled as she put on some socks and her sweat pants. He took her in his arms and kissed her on the lips, and held her to his chest. “I really am very happy that I finally get to spend some time with you Samantha. To actually get to know you and not just hear about you is something that I have been waiting a very long time for. I think our friends didn’t say anything about me to you because Kelly didn’t know if you were ready. And then when you said you were coming well I was ecstatic and she didn’t want you to change your mind or put any pressure on you. She just wanted you to come and start living your life, she really loves you Samantha.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Well I know they are just looking out for me. I guess we will just have to do this on our own.” She looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back and he kissed her again. “Thank you for being so honest with me Jake.

They sat at the kitchen bar eating oatmeal cookies and drinking hot tea. She learned all about Jake. They talked about his company, and that he was raised in New Jersey. He went to college in Florida decided to stay and make a name for himself. He had a few girlfriends but no one special. The one that he almost married lied about everything and then cheated on him. He said “I have lived here on Siesta Key for about seven years now; I built my own home and have a caretaker named Carl, who lives in the guest wing. His sister Maria is my housekeeper. She comes during the day and sometimes spends the night in her bothers apartment, but she has a daughter that she stays with most nights.

“I have one more thing I want to tell you. I don’t want to lie to you and I don’t want to scare you away. So please just hear me out. She was holding her breath, what did he do? Then he said, “I am a partner and a member in a private BDSM club in Sarasota called Desire. Our friends belong to the club. I don’t think they would mind if I told you.” She started to laugh, “Is that it Jake, you’re part owner in a private kink club?” He smiled, “Yes that’s it what do you think?” She laughed, “Ok, so tell me all about it, would it scare me to walk inside this club?”

“No, it wouldn’t scare you if you walked in there during the day since it’s not open. It is in an old hotel that I helped renovate. There are oriental rugs on the floors and fire places throughout the great room. The furniture is classic French, with some leather mixed in for comfort. There are all kinds of sexual things going on when it’s open, and some people are into whips and chains, and I for one am not.”

He went on to say, “Mike Sloan is my partner and he runs the club. Master M is an ex- military man; he doesn’t take shit from anyone. The ladies love him, the men love him too, and he’s a man’s man so to speak. He hasn’t found the right one yet either, he is going to love you Samantha.” She smiled and blushed, “The reason we opened the club was so that women didn’t have to be scared to walk into a kink club alone.”

“This is fascinating, tell me more Jake.” She sat at the kitchen bar across from him and just listened intently. “Everyone at Desire either behaves or they are thrown out. Membership can be revoked at Master M’s discretion; he does not tolerate abusive men or women. In BDSM there are people who seek pain and it’s up to their Dom or Domme to know how far to take that. If he or she crosses that line that’s where safe words and Safe, Sane Consensual comes in.” She perked right up, “Oh ok, I have seen that before. It makes a little sense now that you say it that way. Tell me more Jake.”

He laughed as he touched her hand, “Samantha I want to tell you that I am so happy that you are finally here. I really want to get to know you, not just what I have learned from Kelly or Garrett, but I want to learn about you from spending time with you. I know this is all coming at you fast and you probably want to think about it, but I have to tell you I think you are beautiful. Oh and Rocky thinks so too.”

She started to laugh as she bowed her head, “I think Rocky is great too. Jake I am not the kind of girl that just goes out and looks for men. But I am changing my life. I have been through so much, but most of the past two years I have just been punishing myself for letting a man treat me so badly. I won’t ever put up with that again. I feel really comfortable with you and I want to learn all about you too. Let’s just see where this takes us. And that was the best sex I have ever had.” She giggled.

He smiled and laughed with her. “Yea I have to agree you were pretty great too. Thank you for giving me a chance.” She smiled and looked into his eyes, “I feel like I know you and I want to know more. Tell me more about the club.” He smiled and took a breath, as she smiled back. “As for the club; of course communication is a must between a Dom and his Sub, but when the right Dom does his thing, the Sub is very satisfied. Actually they are both satisfied.”

She was listening to his every word, “That is something I will have to get used to, a man getting pleasure by giving pleasure, it’s something I have wished for. Is there pain at the kink club?” He flashed her that sexy smile, “There is some pain at the kink club, I do not whip, and I like to spank from time to time, but nothing crazy. Sometimes flog,” “What is flog?” “It’s when a Dom uses a flogger on his Submissive. It is actually a leather handled tool with strands of leather on the ends. There are different textures of leather, from soft, too hard; some even have small balls on the ends. It depends on the couple. They talk about what they are going to do before they even step foot in the club.”

She wanted to know everything and he did his best to fill her in, and went on to say, “The players as we call the members act out scenes and each couple or sometimes more discuss the scene beforehand. Everyone has a safe word, let’s say your safe word is Red, if you say red during a scene then I would stop immediately. If you say yellow that means you are unsure about going on with the scene and we would discuss the scene further to see if you could or want to continue.” “There are DM’s walking around the club. They are Dungeon Monitors and they make sure everyone is being Safe Sane and Consensual. SSC is a motto of BDSM and at Desire.”

“I like the name.” He smiled, “Yea I like it too, so did I scare you away,” “Oh hell know! I don’t scare so easily anymore and I want to know everything. I am intrigued now, what is discipline?” He laughed, “Why are you planning on disobeying your Dom?” She giggled and blushed as she dunked her cookie in her tea. “What if I make a mistake?” He couldn’t believe how receptive she was to what he was telling her, and when she blushed he knew she was worth the wait. “If we were to go to the club, I would prepare you and make sure that you knew the rules; like no looking into another Dom’s eyes that may give him permission to touch you.

Each Dom has his own kink that he or she is into, for the sub or submissive, that would be you Samantha; there are ways to stand, ways to kneel.” She giggled. “If you like we can watch a few movies to see some of the things I have talked about. Or we can look on the internet, but if you do it without me be careful. I don’t want you to get scared. Some of the players are hardcore, I am not. I would say most just got tired of the vanilla sex and wanted something more.”

Just be careful what you look up ok Angel,” “Ok I will, so you are a Dom Jake?” He had a wicked smile on his face, “Yes I am Samantha, I am Master J or Master Jake and most of the subs call me Sir. I have been into kink since college. That is where most of the people I know started to experiment with sex and BDSM.”

She was just sitting there sipping her tea, looking into his eyes and she touched his hand, “Can you take me there?” He was surprised that she would want to go to Desire and he played it cool but he wanted to scream YES! “I can but first I have to teach you a few rules and I have a feeling you are a quick study, and you can get all the questions you have for me out before we walk through the doors then I will take you. Do you think you can do as I say Samantha?” “I think I can Sir,” she laughed. “This is fascinating to me, and this is just what I need to start my new life. Jake will you teach me what I need to know? I promise I am a great student and a quick learner.” She smiled then blushed and put her head down and to the side.

As he watched her there was no question that she was a submissive. “Samantha what are you doing for New Year’s Eve my pet?” She laughed, “My pet?” “Yes that is a term of endearment a Dom would have for his Sub, or submissive partner. How about you do some research on the internet tomorrow morning and we can discuss this further tomorrow night?” Her eyes opened wide like a child that was getting ready to research a theme park. “Ok, Jake, I will do some research but I can tell you now that I am all in. I would love to be your Sub on New Year’s Eve, if you really want to take me.”

“Samantha, I am so glad you are here and I would be honored to have you by my side as my Sub for New Year’s Eve. Kelly and Garrett’s friends all know you were coming to the Florida. They will be surprised when I walk through the door with you.”

She was all smiles, “This is all very exciting to me. Thank you for tonight Jake. I really had a great time. She put her head down as she walked him to the door, he put his finger under her chin and lifted her head so that she had no choice but to look him in the eyes, “I will call you tomorrow Sweet Samantha, well actually later today since it is three in the morning Angel.” He smiled and kissed her on the lips. “I am very happy to finally have met you in person Samantha Raine. You are everything and more than I expected you to be. Lock the door behind me ok?” He took her in his arms and kissed her goodnight. “Thank you for a great night Samantha.” He walked out and she closed the door and locked it. Then she put her back to it as she realized how the heck is he getting home? We left his car at the Oyster bar. She opened the door to see a car pull away and Jake was in the back seat. She thought; “Wow, cab service runs late around here.” She had a smile on her face as she shut the lights off and walked back to her bedroom, she than grabbed her laptop and typed BDSM.
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