January 7, 2014

Spotlight: Draw Me In by Megan Squires

Draw Me In by Megan Squires
Publication date: January 7th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

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He’s a young, up and coming businessman with the keys to his family’s Italian wine enterprise.

I’m a fine arts student, navigating life in the Big Apple, my pencil and sketchpad in hand.

We meet. We fall in love.

But it’s not that story.

Sometimes, by a rare gift of fate, two lives cross paths. And hey, if that happens to occur when staring at Michelangelo’s naked masterpiece, even better. We can tell our future children how a seventeen-foot tall marble guy named David brought us together.

But there’s always more to a relationship than its beginning and ever after. In life, there’s a whole lot of backstory. There are ex-fiancés and hot roommates and family members whose advice continues, even beyond the grave.

When you say you love someone, it’s never just that one person you’re saying it to. And it’s never just that one moment that sets everything in motion.

There is always more that draws you in.


“Good morning, Leo.” Sofia's accent was thick, but the sultriness coating each of her words was so much thicker. She bent at the waist to gather her hair into a ponytail and stood back up quickly, certain body parts jiggling a little as they fell back into place in a good jiggling sort of way. Nothing on my own body jiggled seductively like that. 

“Good morning, Sof,” Leo replied.

Sof? Had she all of a sudden become a couch? At least my nickname, Jules, was likened to diamonds. That was one place where I appeared to have the upper hand and I would take it and flaunt it for all it was worth. 

But then I thought of what people often did on couches and I supposed that could be construed to be better than jewelry. Couches could be a lot of fun. I’d had a lot of fun on couches in my day. So they would probably beat out jewels every time. Unless we were talking about the family jewels here, in which case I so won that. If you asked a guy if he’d rather keep his couch or his balls, I was fairly certain the answer would be obvious. Booyah!

“Are you okay?” Sofia drew her head back a little and looked at me like I might be a monkey or something equally as out of place in the Carducci living room. 

I’d just said booyah out loud.

“Gesundheit,” Leo quickly recovered for me, even going so far as to pull a handkerchief out of his lapel pocket and flutter it my way. “Julie’s coming down with something.”

“I am.” I nodded and lifted the rag to cover my face in its entirety. How long could I hide behind it without that seeming strange? Three, four days?
Megan Squires lives with her husband and two children just outside of Sacramento, California. A graduate from the University of California, Davis, Megan is now a full-time mother, wife, and dreamer—though her characters don’t often give her much opportunity to sleep.
Visit www.theoutlierchronicles.com to learn more about her latest young adult series.

Author links:
Website: http://megansquiresauthor.com/
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6547282.Megan_Squires
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeganSquiresAuthor

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