March 6, 2014

Book Review: Five Weeks in December

Title: Five Weeks in December (Twisted & Tied #1)
Author: Blue Kincaid
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, BDSM


Two years ago tragedy took Harry Everett's confidence as a man and as a Dom. And while he's managed to continue to live his life, what he hasn't been able to do is venture back into the lifestyle that used to be as much a part of him as breathing. The trust he once had in his instincts is broken and for the first time in his life, this alpha man is lost and without answers. So when a friend suggests perhaps a professional submissive could help him, Harry's reluctantly willing to try. He doesn't hold out much hope, though. Until she shows up on his doorstep and turns everything upside down.

A professional submissive for the past seven years, December doesn't belong to any one master. And she likes it that way. But when her best friend’s Dom asks December to help his friend, she can't resist the chance to really do some good. Here's a man who doesn't just want someone to flog - he needs what she can provide and December is determined to help. She's prepared for this to be tough, but what she's not prepared for is how Harry makes her feel. It’s obvious from the beginning that he’s not like any other client and this is not just a job – for either of them.

She’s got five weeks to help him heal.

He’s got five weeks to learn how to keep her… or how to let her go.

Five Weeks in December (Twisted & Tied, #1)Five Weeks in December by Blue Kincaid

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was great! It is the first book in a BDSM series, and I think it did an amazing job not only introducing us to a wide cast of characters, but also drawing the reader into the world enough to make them anticipate the next book.

The pace was perfect, the characters were real and relatable, and the story line was interesting. I was hooked from the beginning and stayed that way until the very end.

Short synopsis: December is a professional Sub. She is hired to spend five weeks with Harry, a former Dom who has lost his way after his former submissive, and fiance, died two years ago. He hasn't been able to move on, and he hasn't been able to return to his Dom lifestyle. For lack of a better word, he is stuck. December is supposed to be the cure to helping him find his way back to himself. However, it quickly becomes evident that December is bringing out more feelings in Harry than just Dom ones. Their sex is off the charts hot, but in the quiet moments they are connecting on a real level, and real feelings begin to emerge. Before their five weeks is up, both of them know that this is not the typical Dom/Sub arrangement anymore - it has become something so much more. And while Harry is ready to embrace something real with December, she is not. She has her own baggage from the past and she is determined that things between her and Harry will stay professional, or they will have no relationship at all. Harry is determined that he will use every bit of the time they have left together to change her mind.

I loved the entire progression of the story and Harry and December's relationship. Harry was just perfect from beginning to end. He went from being an uncertain, broken man, to a confident Dom who was hell bent on keeping the woman he had fallen in love with. He was sweet and tender when he needed to be, but firm and in control when December needed it. *Sigh* It was great!

The sex scenes between Harry and December were very hot, and one in particular with a third participant was particularly panty melting! There were also some very good BDSM scenes, so be prepared if that's not exactly your thing.

Overall, I loved it. This is the first thing by Blue Kincaid that I have read, but it definitely won't be the last. I am looking forward to book number two in this series ~ can't wait!

**Free copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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