March 4, 2014

Book Review: Song of the Fireflies by J.A. Redmerski

Song of the Fireflies by J.A. Redmerski

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This book was great! However, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to write this review with no spoilers. The synopsis given is so vague that if I go in to any details at all, it will give something away.

So, I'm going to keep it short and sweet. Bray and Elias were great characters. Their relationship was one of those perfect things that start out when you are just innocent kids and then over time grows into something that is so much more. Not only were they the best of friends, they also became each others family, each others rock. It was a truly beautiful connection that they had.

But it was never all rainbows and sunshine for Bray and Elias. Bray has issues with relationships and commitment, and Elias wants more than she is willing or able to give. They end up hurting each other and creating a distance that has never been between them before. But, much like star crossed lovers, they eventually find their way back to each other. Before they can begin their happily ever after though, something horrible happens, and threatens to ruin not only their new found relationship but the rest of their lives.

I just want to say that Bray was such a complex and layered character. I loved her, but at the same time I was so conflicted by her decisions and actions. And Elias, god bless him, I'm not sure how he handled her without ever just giving up and walking away. The love he had for her was crazy strong.

Overall, I really, really liked this book. It tells a beautiful story of young love, and commitment, and loyalty. But it also has a darker theme that deals with deeper issues that can sometimes threaten to destroy what should be a happily ever after love story. If you are a fan of J.A. Redmerski, or this type of story, you should definitely give it a try!

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