April 25, 2014

Book Review: RecruitZ by Karice Bolton

RecruitZ by Karice Bolton
(Afterworld #1)
Publication date: December 27th 2013
Genres: New Adult, Post-Apocalyptic
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Scientists are the new rock stars. The infection has been contained for nearly three months, and the world is celebrating. But humans are still dying. Rebekah Taylor has seen it firsthand. Her husband was killed right in front of her by the very creatures that humans were told they no longer had to fear.

Rebekah is determined to find out who is responsible for the death of her husband and the obvious cover-up. Fueled with revenge, she begins to find answers that lead to one frightening conclusion. The apocalypse might be over, but the battles are just beginning.

RecruitZ (Afterworld Series)RecruitZ by Karice Bolton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really liked this book! I am a huge fan of the zombie apocalypse genre, and all things Walking Dead, so I went in to this book with high expectations. And I felt like overall they were met.

RecruitZ is a little different from most zombie books in that it doesn't really focus on the world right after an outbreak, or even how humans are surviving and trying to stay alive amidst hordes of zombies. This book is more about what happens after the zombies have mostly been eradicated. And instead of focusing on the horrors that the zombies are committing, it focuses more on how evil and twisted the remaining humans are in the new world.

I really liked this fresh take on a story that has been done over and over. I think that we like to imagine that if a huge tragedy like this nearly annihilated humankind that we would all pull together to rebuild the best new world possible. Instead, RecruitZ tells a story that shows that there will always be greedy, morally bankrupt people that are trying to get ahead in any world, no matter who they have to hurt to get there.

The two main characters in the book were great. Rebekah and Preston are both dealing with losing people that were important to them. What links them and makes them unique is that they lost these people after the zombie invasion had been contained, and after the world was supposed to be safe again. They both suspect that there are secretive and deadly things that are going on behind the scenes, and that their loved ones deaths are not the accidents and coincidences that they seem to be. They both start investigating a dark zombie underworld, and decide to team up to be more effective. What they discover is truly chilling, and kept me guessing with each twist that was revealed.

I liked the fact that Rebekah and Preston are both strong, competent characters that can take care of themselves. They are both bad asses that get themselves out of multiple bad situations. I also liked how they tentatively explored the beginning of a romance, but they didn't move too fast. Both had severe emotional baggage they are still dealing with, so the slow pace of their relationship really fit the story.

There were a couple of times in the story that I kind of got lost, or didn't follow the leaps of logic that the characters sometimes made. They were putting together pieces in a conspiracy that I sometimes couldn't tell how they got there. I think it was just a case of the author trying to move the story along and fit so much into a short amount of time, that maybe not all of the connections were laid out enough for the reader.

Overall though, I really enjoyed this story and will definitely be reading the next book,AlibiZ. This one ended in a cliffhanger, so I can't wait!

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Karice Bolton lives in the Pacific Northwest and is a writer of Young Adult and New Adult books. She loves to read anything and everything. She also enjoys baking, skiing, and spending time with her wonderful husband and two English bulldogs.

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  1. I love zombie books for many reasons, but one is how I love the characters. To survive you need strong intelligent characters and I also need to care about them and want them to survive, that's the most compelling kind of story imo :) Rebekah and Preston sound like characters I would easily root for. Great review!!

  2. This one sounds really good. I like that this zombie novel is very different from other ones. Being a huge fan of The Walking Dead, I always wonder how the world will be when the zombies are gone. It seems like it would be pretty bleak. Great review! This book sounds zombilicious!


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