May 3, 2016

Book Review: Heartfelt Lies by Kristy Love

Heartfelt Lies
Author: Kristy Love
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Synopsis:  Loving Cassie was effortless. 
She was a thirst I couldn’t quench. 

She was everything I needed, but nothing I deserved. 
I failed her more times than I could count. 

I lied relentlessly. 
And she always forgave me. 

Until she couldn’t. 

Maybe I deserved to be left behind. 

* * * 

Jax swept me off my feet with his disheveled hair and his easy smile. 
I loved him fiercely. 
He made me believe in the fairytale. 

Then the walls crumbled around me. 
The lies never ended. 
I left him behind. I had no choice. 
I mourned the loss of him. 

But I moved on. 
I created a new life, 
Now, I was marrying someone else. 

Where do we go now that he’s back?


I am so glad that I read this book! I nearly didn't. I nearly wrote it off completely because the first book in this series just didn't do it for me. It never pulled me in, and I never made a connection with the characters. This book was the total opposite! I was heartbroken over the pain and struggles that Cassie and Jax went through. I wanted them to be together so bad because they were meant for each other from the beginning. But they had to work hard for their happily ever after. And it wasn't easy, and it wasn't pretty.
"I'm sick of crying over you! I'm sick of my heart hurting and I'm sick of missing you....I'm sick of loving you, Jax, because it hurts too damned much."

What made this story stand out for me were the characters. They each had so much personality that I felt like they were my friends and family. I also love the fact that the reality of Jax's addiction and problems weren't glossed over. They were shown and described in all their ugly details, and anyone who has ever been around anything like that would have identified immediately. As is so often the case with couples who struggle with addiction, either one or both, it's never a straight and narrow road to redemption. There are setbacks and pitfalls, missteps and stumbles. It hurts too much to let them go, but it hurts too much to be with them. I felt like Kristy Love hit the nail right on the head with the emotions and descriptions of Cassie and Jax.
"We were each a mess, but together we were such a f@cked up mess. I couldn't figure out if it was beautiful or a disaster.

This book is going to stick with me for a little while, that's for sure. It's not the best book I've ever read, or even the most memorable, but it is definitely special enough that it will stay in my thoughts for some time.

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