August 19, 2016

Book Review: Amber's Adventures: Professor's Plaything by Jenna Sparkles

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Amber’s Adventures: Professor’s Plaything

My Review:

I don't normally read these short and dirty stories, but I have to say that Jenna Sparkles has me hooked!  She has offered all of her stories to me for free in exchange for an honest review, and so far I have not been disappointed!  
This book focuses on Amber's second year in college.  She passed her first year with flying colors, and is happy with her personal life.  She has a hot boyfriend that is sweet and sexy at the same time, and even helps her study.  Life couldn't be better.  Except for her Advanced Brit Lit class that is taught by Dr. Hawkins.  Dr. Hawkins sets unreasonably high standards for his students, and because of this, Amber is failing his class.  She has tried everything she can think of to improve her grades, but nothing is working.  So she decides to approach Dr. Hawkins and explain the situation to him, and then hope that he will empathize enough with her to help her out.  
This is where the story gets really interesting!  Dr. Hawkins proposes an *ahem* unconventional way for Amber to pass his class (cliche, but still totally hot!), and Amber is faced with a tough decision.  Does she betray her boyfriend, Matt, in order to pass this class?  Or does she just resign herself to a failing grade?  Once Amber makes her choice she commits wholeheartedly.  And she may just have a few surprises of her own for Dr. Hawkins.
Overall, it was a quick and uncomplicated read.  Perfect for a lazy afternoon or a lonely night.  I recommend it, but only if this is your sort of thing!

And don’t miss out on the first three installments of Amber’s sexy adventures:

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Amber’s Adventures: Daddy’s Girl

Amber’s Adventures: Frat Boy Fun


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