August 11, 2016

New Release from Jenna Sparkles

If you like very hot erotica, these are the books for you!  Jenna Sparkle's has reached out to me for help promoting her new "Amber's Adventures" series, and I am happy to oblige!  Yes, they are short little novellas, but no, they are not just all about sex.  Don't get me wrong there is a LOT of very, very steamy and kinky sex involved, but there is also a lot of story.  And, these are very well written - not like most of the "porn" stuff out there.  I have read all three of her books, and so far I have not been disappointed!  Do me (and her) a favor and check them out.  All three are free right now on Kindle Unlimited, so you really have nothing to lose!  Or if you want to buy them, at $2.99 each, they are a steal.  And please, please if you do happen to read them, take the time to leave a review.  It doesn't even have to be a written review.  Just clicking on those stars makes a huge difference.  Thanks a million!

***Free for a limited time on Kindle Unlimited***

Check out the newest books in Jenna Sparkle’s “Amber’s Adventures” series for free on Kindle Unlimited, or only $2.99 for all others.  If you like short, naughty stories, then you should definitely check these out!

Amber’s Adventures: Frat Boy Fun

And don’t miss out on the first two installments of Amber’s sexy adventures:

Amber’s Adventures: Teacher’s Pet

Amber’s Adventures: Daddy’s Girl


Thank you so much for your comment! I read each and every one of them, I swear. :)

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