August 25, 2016

Book Review: Disengaged by Jamie Magee

Title:  Disengaged 
Author:  Jamie Magee

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Synopsis:  Dark Romance Novel, sensitive topics—highlighted with religious elements (hope in the face of hell).

Finding herself stranded in a new city, eighteen-year-old Ember Bloom thought she’d reached her all time low. She was wrong. A mindless walk to a dead-end job landed her in the path of her gambling fathers’ enemies. Her only defense was a stranger, Slayton Winslow, a known enforcer and fighter—rumored to be Odin’s prince, underground royalty. On sight, Slayton stole her breath and rushed her heart. Slayton’s enigmatic attraction to her, how stoically he shielded her only churned Ember’s attraction to the bad boy who had given her safe haven in a real life hell. The draw to him, how he could reach her without saying a word, gave her a reason to fight, to awaken. She knew every second could be their last in the city seeded with treacherous deceit and life threatening power plays.

My Review:  

This book was okay, but had the potential to be amazing. The beginning really kind of put me off, and it took me until the end to warm back up to the story. Jamie Magee jumps right into action as soon as the book starts, but the events were so disjointed and confusing that it takes a while to catch on to what exactly has happened. In a nutshell, the female MC, Ember, has been "kidnapped" by local bad boy Slayton. They don't know each other - have never met - but Ember seems perfectly content to be dragged all over town on the back of a motorcycle, getting pawed and kissed, and never getting one word in explanation. This guy ends up taking her to his storage building where he lives, and locking her inside with him. No questions asked, no explanations given. Blew my mind, but not in a good way. And all because she was attracted to him at first glance. He walked right up to her and kissed her and then took her. Yeah, not really believable to me.
So anyway, it does get better after this, and I did really like both Ember and Slayton, but Ember was still a little too passive for me to really LOVE her. Slayton is the ultimate bad boy with a heart of gold, but that's been done a million times over, so not really that special. The story was new and refreshing, and I liked how it all ended up. I especially liked the end of the book where we got to see into the future for quite a ways, and received closure.
Overall, it was a good read. Had a couple of problems that bugged me, but nothing too major. Definitely worth the read if this is your thing.

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