Book Reviews

** Arranged in alphabetical order by book title.


A Brand New Ending by S.A. Rolls
A Caress of Twilight by Laurell K. Hamilton
A Graceful Mess by Nacole Stayton 
A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton
A Lick of Frost by Laurell K. Hamilton
A Stroke of Midnight by Laurell K. Hamilton
Absolution by Susannah Sandlin 
Allure by Nina Lane
All Wrapped Up by Braxton Cole
Awakening by Nicole MacDonald


Barbie Girl by Heidi Acosta
Barbie World by Heidi Acosta
Bedrock by Britney King
Birthday Wishes by Braxton Cole
Bitten By Deceit by Shawntelle Madison
Bitter Cold by J. Joseph Wright 
Blood Guilt by Marie Treanor 
Blood In The Valley by J.K. Hogan 
Blown by Braxton Cole
Born of Greed by J.T. Baroni
Brazil by Kenya Carlton


Claiming Lauren by Emily Ryan-Davis
Clover by Braxton Cole 


Dark Flight by Cassi Carver 
Dark Wolf by Kate Douglas
Darkest Legacy by Allyson Gottlieb 
Demon Inhibitions by Gary Starta
Devil's Play by Kenya Carlton 
Divine Misdemeanors by Laurell K. Hamilton
Don't Hate the Player ... Hate the Game by Katie Ashley
Driven by K. Bromberg
Dysus Dreamer by J.A. Garland


Elysian Fields by Suzanne Johnson 
Epilogue by C.J. Roberts
Escaping Darkness by Theresa McClinton 


Fall by Cindy Paterson 
Fall For Me by K.A. Last
Fall From Love by Heather London
Feel the Burn by Nicole MacDonald
Fevered Souls by S.K. Falls 
Finally by Scarlett Metal 
Fool's Game by Heather Huffman 
For You by Mimi Strong
Forget Me Not by Sarah Daltry 
Found by Stacey Wallace Benefiel
Freshman Forty by Christine Duval
From Beltane Magic by Jacqueline Paige
Frontline by Alexandra Richland 


Gargoyle by Lorraine Beaumont
Gargoyle Addiction by Livia Olteano 


Haedyn's Choice by Jennifer L. Oliver 
He Belongs to Me by Theresa Rizzo 
Heartless by Catou Martine 
Hidden by M. Lathan 
Hollywood Lies by N.K. Smith 
Hot Redemption by K.D. Penn 


Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands
Influential Magic by Deanna Chase 
In Too Deep by Michelle Kemper Brownlow
I Remember You by Scarlett Metal 


Jenny's Blue Velvet by Angela Carlie 


King's Crusade by AD Starrling


Lights, Camera ..... Monsters by Lila Dubois
Losing Francesca by J.A. Huss
Love and Devotion by Jove Bell
Lover at Last by J.R. Ward
Loving a Fairy Godmother by Danielle Monsch
Loving a Prince Charming by Danielle Monsch
Loving an Ugly Beast by Danielle Monsch
Loving Your Lies by Piper Shelly 


Mine by Scarlett Metal 
Mistral's Kiss by Laurell K. Hamilton
Mumma Shana by Dana Wolf
My Familiar Stranger by Victorian Danann 


Naughty Girl by Scarlett Metal 
Never Let You Fall by Michele G. Miller


Ocean's Gift by Demelza Carlton 


Playing for Keeps by Emma Hart
Possession by S.K. Falls
Pretty When She Dies by Rhiannon Frater 
Princess Miri: An Erotic Coming of Age Monster Romance by Cerys du Lys
Pure and Sinful by Killian McRae 



Redemption by Susannah Sandlin
River Road by Suzanne Johnson 
Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson 
Rubenesque Rapture by Rose Wynters


Sacrifice by K.A. Last
Saving Ben by Ashley Farley
Seal of Destiny by Traci Douglass
Seal of Surrender by Traci Douglass
Second Chance Boyfriend by Monica Murphy
Seduced by Moonlight by Laurell K. Hamilton
Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey 
Soul Meaning by AD Starrling 
Stardust by Mimi Strong
Stone Guardian by Danielle Monsch 
Swallowing Darkness by Laurell K. Hamilton


Tangled by Emma Chase 
Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters 
Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker 
The Arrival by Nicole MacDonald 
The Book by Jessica Bell 
The Ex by Sharon Kleve 
The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan 
The Faerie Prince by Rachel Morgan 
The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard 
The Genesis by K.L. Kerr 
The Harvesting by Melanie Karsak 
The Love Game by Emma Hart 
The Necromancer's Seduction by Mimi Sebastian 
The Queen of New Beginnings by Erica James 
The Solstice Heat by Jacqueline Paige 
Twisted Summer by Lucy V. Morgan 


Undressed by Avery Aster
Unexpected Angel by Sloan Johnson 
Unscrupulous by Avery Aster 


Vampire Elite by Irina Argo 


Warrior Rogue by Nancy J. Cohen
Welcome to the Darkness by L.M. Justus 
Werewolves be Damned by Stacey Kennedy  
Wucaii by Pembroke Sinclair 




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